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In these 20-30 Minute Masterclass trainings you will learn tips, tools and techniques you can use to regain control of your time. They can be applied to your career/business and life.

  1. Be productive, not busy using the Traffic Light Formula
  2. 3x your productivity using the 20/80 Formula
  3. Use the DLD Formula to avoid distractions & create focus
  4. Deal with overwhelm using the MYM Method
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Session Learning Points:

1. Understand why you are busy

2. Discover what being busy is costing you

3. Find out how the Traffic Light Formula can help you become more productive

Session Learning Points:

1. Understand why you are unproductive

2. Discover what being unproductive is costing you

3. Find out how the 20/80 Formula can help you become more productive

Session Learning Points:

  1. Understand your relationship with time
  2. Discover what it’s costing you
  3. Find out how the 888 Formula can help

Session Learning Points:

1. Identifying your distractions

2. Understand what are they costing you

3. Find out how the DLD Formula can help improve focus

Session Learning Points:

1. Identifying what overwhelms you

2. Understand what it’s costing you

3. Use the MYM Method to take control

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Abigail Barnes is a qualified coach, motivational speaker and the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals.

She is the Founder of Success by Design | Training & Events  - Redefine your relationship with Success, create the business and life you want.

Prior to her wake up call in 2012, Abigail worked in global financial services sales & marketing. For some of the largest financial institutions in the world for over 10 years.

She holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing Management and a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, DipM ACIM.

The 1:1 Time Audit Session has happened at the perfect time, having just finished the 5-week Master Your Time Breakthrough Programme. Which had already massively helped me to start maximising my time.

The session allowed me to quickly identify further areas for improvement such as my morning routine, task grouping, and discipline with timings and monthly metrics to measure success.

I implemented what I learned immediately and have gained at least an hour a day of productive time and am a lot more focused too.

I now have more time to spend on long term actives/business development that will grow my business. I would really highly recommend this session with Abigail.

Anna, Southhampton

I am always looking to get better with time management and the streamlining of my processes around it.

I struggle mostly with prioritising and delegation of tasks.

The best part about the session was learning how to ‘plan for the week’ – meaning I am not rushing on a Monday to get things done.

My biggest take away from the session was to stop justifying things to yourself – if you want to do something, just do it!

If you want to learn at least one tip that will change how you plan your days/weeks, it’s worth meeting Abigail.

Elliot, London

I felt under pressure from every angle and as someone starting a business I found it hard to know what to do and what not to do. What tasks to pick up and what to leave.

I was struggling with the fact that I seemed to be loosing time! Tasks would take too long, and I would get bogged down in activities which were not very helpful.

My biggest take away from the session was how Abigail helped me cut through the fluff of my thinking to be more focused and more compassionate towards myself.

Richard, London

My biggest take away from the session was TRULY understanding how I was actually spending my time, versus how I believed I was. The changes I have now been able to make in my business mean I have twice as much time for sales activities as I did before.

Adam, London