How do you create a successful Business?

  1. Decide what success means to you (not everyone wants the same thing)
  2. Your Business needs to be solving a problem that people have and want resolved.
  3. People need to know that you have the solution to their problem.
  4. You must be confident in your product/service and be able to sell it.

Business is simple, but not easy. When you first start out, you don't know what you don't know. It can be hard to make decisions about what to do and in what order.

Everyone you speak to seems to have a different take on it. At least that's what I found when I was first starting out.

I'd got to a reasonable stage in my Corporate Career (Financial Services), and now I was back to square one, learning how to operate in a totally different arena.

It's almost impossible to plan when you feel overwhelmed, unclear and are ping-ponging between panic and possibility, problems and purpose.

That's why we created Elevate Your Influence. We were meeting too many talented business owners and side hustlers drowning in information and complex visions with no idea how to break it down and start getting results.

This Self Study Program will help you approach your business challenges step-by-step to get you settled into the driver's seat of your business (side hustle), with goals that excite you, and a plan for how to make it happen.


  • 1

    Raise Your Profile

    In this module we will look at your beliefs, values, habits and purpose and cover ways you can use them to raise your profile.

  • 2

    Business Growth

    In this module we will cover plan, package, promotion and profit and discuss how this clarity will help you grow your business.

  • 3

    Marketing Mastery

    In this module we will cover platforms, content, delivery and process and discuss how this clarity will help you to get found, heard and paid.

  • 4

    Growth Activation

    In this module we will look at the following four areas: adjust, repeat, growth and replan and discuss how this clarity will help you to elevate your influence and get paid.





  • 1. 90-Min Strategy Set up Session (Zoom, Recorded)
  • 2. Situation Audit (22 Question Self Analysis)
  • 3. Entrepreneur Mindset Mastery Masterclass Library
  • 4. Accountability Reporting (Weekly, Online)
  • 5. 30-Min Bi-Weekly Check in Calls (Zoom, Recorded)
  • 6. Self Evaluation Survey (End of program)
  • 7. 30-Min Strategy Review Session (Zoom, Recorded)
  • 8. Email Support (Duration of program)

Is the self study format right for you?


Are you ready to Super Charge your Influence and your results book a call and find out if the 1:1 version of this program working 1:1 with Abigail Barnes is right for you.

This option is for you if you are the best kept secret that's ready to be known!

We will use the principles from Elevate Your Influence as the foundation to Super Charge your Influence so that you become the go to Organisation/person in your sector.

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Abigail Barnes is a qualified coach, motivational speaker and the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals.

She is the Founder of Success by Design | Training & Events  - Redefine your relationship with Success, create the business and life you want.

Prior to her wake up call in 2012, Abigail worked in global financial services sales & marketing. For some of the largest financial institutions in the world for over 10 years.

She holds a BA Hons Degree in Business & Marketing Management and a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, DipM ACIM.

Since investing in Abigail's training I have been able to restructure my business, how I manage my operations as well as tripling my monthly revenue. I now have a plan for growth that I find easy to apply and gives me more time to spend with my family and on my hobbies. I would recommend Abigail without hesitation.

Eli Pressman

I was struggling with time management, for sure. I needed to balance a full-time contract, life, expanding the business and actually working on the product I plan to sell. It was all very daunting, and hard to attain focus on any one thing.

The most surprising/transformative part of the 30-Day Program was recognising how much there really is to do! In the first session, going over the broad monthly timetable was definitely eye-opening, and even though I didn't adhere to it, all of the tasks discussed are now given consideration whenever I make decisions about the business.

The biggest take away from the program was that I now actually have a plan. The timelines shift constantly, but I believe I am armed with everything that I need to grow the business, even if it takes longer than it should. If I get more time to invest, I will tick more things off. But it was really good to have the session to just talk and get a plan out, and consider how long each task would take. The accountability documents were great too - I'm still doing them, just to recap on the week gone-by. I haven't had a chance to personalise them to my sector yet, however I am constantly thinking about the day prior to plan for my upcoming day(s).

I found great value in the initial session and the weekly submission of documents - not only did they help gather my thoughts and understand the mammoth task ahead of me, but they did offer insight into my weekly routine, highlighting things that were really good to write down and reflect on.

I think if you're struggling to get your ideas down, or there's just too much on your plate to be able to focus, then Abigail is a fantastic help with that, and certainly if you're better at following plans than I am, then the day-to-day timetabling will be invaluable.

Jono Stewart

Working with Abigail is great, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Business Growth Strategies that she teaches. With Abigail's expert help I am able to take regular important steps back from the coalface, re-assess and focus on my own business key growth objectives, vital to keeping on track.

I am delighted to recommend Abigail's Training.

Richard Pollock