Happiness-led productivity

Happiness-led productivity

Increased productivity is the holy grail for businesses, but how can they achieve it?

There are two schools of thought, the old way or the new way…

1. Fear-led productivity

2. Happiness-led productivity

Both get the job done, but one gets you known as the best employer in the world, retaining happy, engaged, motivated and loyal talent while the other does not.

The cost of poor productivity

Absence management was cited as one of the biggest HR challenges by 29% of respondents, while wellbeing was the main focus for 22% (Employee Benefits Poll).

People want to work for Companies that are progressive, problem solvers with a productivity-driven culture but not at the expense of their happiness.

According to research 15.4 Million, working days were lost in 2017/18 due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety (according to HSE statistics).

The data age

Leaps in technology have fundamentally changed the way we think, act and the speed at which new ideas are discussed and adopted.

Technology is amazing there is an app for almost everything you could want and Alexa/Siri can do the rest, except put out the rubbish (although even that is possible in theory).

Happiness is not all about problem-solving, it is a feeling, and feelings are hard to codify. It’s what makes humans an asset as much as a liability.

“This year, the HR landscape has seen employees push back on the traditional nine-to-five more than ever before. Flexible working has stepped up a notch, and organisations that bury their head in the sand when it comes to what [staff] want from employment will be those that struggle the most with recruitment and retention in 2019.” (Employee Benefits Poll).

The Blue Planet effect

David Attenborough and his Blue Planet team fundamentally changed the way local and global businesses, as well as multiple countries around the world, changed their approach to single-use plastic.

Changes that in the past that would have taken decades/years to achieve have been brought about in years/months/weeks.

Companies have switched packaging, single-use plastic is being phased out and some businesses have even adopted a zero plastic approach.

All of which is amazing for the future of our planet and generations to come, but for businesses, it set a new level of expectation without them even realising. The status quo has changed, employees have witnessed first hand just how fast an organisation can change, and that has created an unspoken precedent.

Happiness-led Productivity

People want to work for Companies that are progressive, problem solvers with a culture of happiness-led productivity.

In one research study workers that were given perks that led to happiness, saw productivity increase by an average of 12%, and reached as high as 20% above the control group. (Research undertaken at the University of Warwick by Eugenio Proto & Daniel Sgroi).

In the US 24% of workers over 35 say they can see themselves leaving their job within a year vs 32% of millennials (Comparably) and 52% of Millennials viewed the concept of employee loyalty as being overrated (Red Brick) this was research carried out by Access Perks in 2017.

Making it even more important for successful businesses of the future to create work cultures based on vision and values, not teams and talent as more people embrace a value exchange work mentality where they exchange their skills and talent for a salary, moving on when the ROI no longer makes sense to them.

Something we are calling Purpose-led Productivity the next chapter after happiness-led productivity.


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