Help my life feels like a Hamster wheel!

“We all have the same 24 hours, so how come it feels like I don’t?”

We hear you, the pace of life has never been faster, technology is a much a hindrance as a helper. One minute your phone is helping you connect with friends and family and the next minute it’s beeping with emails, messenger alerts, commands to breath and reminders to get up and take a walk!

You won’t believe how many times a week people tell us that their life feels like a hamster wheel, and we get it…we’ve been there too.

Which is EXACTLY why we created the training we offer.

The 888 Formula

All of our training is based on a foundation of The 888 Formula which is a cutting-edge, holistic approach to work-life balance. A practical framework that helps individuals audit their life and identify areas for development against 3 key metrics.



Below are 8 signs you need the 888 Formula in your life do you identify with one or more of them?


  1. You regularly fail to get as much sleep as you need
  2. You try to catch up sleep at the weekends
  3. You drink more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day to stay awake
  4. You have no time for friends, family, relationships or hobbies
  5. You work more than 50 hours a week (but know you could be more productive)
  6. You have no time for life admin and end up paying bills at midnight
  7. You don’t have time to visit the doctor, dentist or optician
  8. You feel like you live on a hamster wheel with no sign of escape


If you do then click here to find out more about the 888 Formula and how it’s helping people regain control of their time, relationships, health, career, and happiness.




Includes an 888 Time Audit & 888 Time Planning Session as well as 30 Days Accountability Support.





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