I have been co-hosting events with Abigail on numerous occasions and it is not often that I say this BUT when it comes to speaking, organising events, running workshops, being a host, organiser and facilitator - Abigail makes it look like ZERO effort. Her events are a MUST ATTEND. Her ability to speak from stage and teach her material is super unique as she brings very complex topics to life with here ability to simplify and create her own methodologies. If you are looking for a speaker that really leaves your audience inspired, Abigail is your woman!

Annik Petrou, London

Abigail is an compassionate speaker and motivator. She combines a personal story with a concrete approach. Mastering your time is the beginning and end of making a change in your life.

Joep Everts, Germany

I had the true pleasure to take part of Abigail's Workshop on Lead Don't Follow. The content around Self-Leadership, Lifestyle and Legacy was really thought-provoking and inspiring. It made me reflect and at the same time gave me pragmatic tools in order to get into action after the session. What made the real difference was Abigail´s way of delivering the workshop. It shows she really enjoys what she does, this is contagious. Abigail keeps the audience in her hands throughout the entire workshop. She does this via her authentic style, daring to display vulnerability and shares very openly what made her to what she is today. The audience in the workshop must not have been easy to impress, consisting of very experienced international trainers and coaches.
I have also experienced Abigail is a great coach, showing true interest in others development with clear and precise questions.

I am happy to give Abigail my best recommendations.

Thomas Kronberg, Sweden

Thanks Abigail for your thought-provoking workshop. I added one of your 6 important questions to my weekly project review plan to remind me to make wise decisions!

Anderson Hirst, Surrey

Awesome keynote last week on Lead don't follow I really liked the format of your presentation and how simple and powerful your content was. Great job!

John Wade, United States