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🔥Over the next 5-Days you’ll learn the tips, tools & strategies you need to take control back from your Imposter & become the UNSTOPPABLE rockstar you came here to be.

⏰ It’s Your Time.

Abigail đź’‹

Imposter to Unstoppable 5 Day Training


There was who you were before the challenge and who you are after the challenge!

If you LOVE the person you've met and are ready to turn up the volume on them then we have two training options for you:

Option one: is our 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program Unstoppable with Abigail which will give you the 1:1 support and mentoring you want to elevate your career, business or life and super charge your results.

Option two: is our brand NEW 6 Week LIVE Group Coaching Program Unstoppable with Abigail which will give you the support and training you need to live your Unstoppable Life 24/7.

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It's Your Time!

UNSTOPPABLE 90 Day 1:1 Coaching with Abigail

This coaching program is for you, if you're a Senior Leader or Entrepreneur that's ready to stop letting your imposter syndrome sabotage your success, steal your happiness and keep you feeling paranoid someone will find out you’re a fake or a fraud and shouldn’t have the job or the Business that you do!

It’s for your if you are FED UP of trying to be someone you’re not!

UNSTOPPABLE: 6 Week Group Program with Abigail

This 6 Week Group Coaching Program is for an Entrepreneur or Professional that’s ready to stop letting imposter syndrome steal their success, sabotage their happiness and keep them feeling paranoid that they will get found out to be a fake or a fraud who shouldn’t have the job, Business and success that they do!



Welcome to the 5 Day Challenge.  My name is Abigail Barnes and I will be your trainer for this program.