A great book for anyone who is struggling with time management and getting sucked into doing things they shouldn't. It takes you on a clear path from understanding where you are wasting your time and analysing what this means to your business. It then shows you clear actions to take so that you can save time and start to turn this time into a more profitable exercise.

I would recommend this book, its easy to read and full of great ideas to really help you master your time management.

Ann Davis

I recommend Abigail's book Time Management for Entrepreneurs to anyone running, or looking to setup, a business. It has the concepts and ideas to help you identify where your time is going, and how to make more time to concentrate on growing your business.

Ian Grey

I enjoyed Time Management for Entrepreneurs. Abigail’s 5-step process for turning your time into profit helps me see how I am spending my time, and helps me ask the difficult questions about how I would like to spend my time. Abigail’s recommendation to consider outsourcing tasks that I don’t value so that I create more time to either do higher value tasks or create more personal time was very insightful. Another feature of the book that I liked was the case studies. They allowed me to see examples of how others manage their time, and I found this feature to be very helpful.

Gerald Earnhardt

I love Abigail's book! Written in an engaging, conversational style, it’s packed with practical advice and case studies.

Her 5-step process to turn time into profit gives you the tools to make the changes you want.

If you want to be more productive, make more profit and get more out of your day, this is the book for you.

Nicola Fox

This book cuts to the chase and delivers handy time saving/time planning/efficiency tools. If like me you need a little nudge to get you back on track with your time management, or even if you need some advice from scratch, this is the book for you.

I'm a busy wife, mother, business person, so time is scarce - I really need to make the most of it. This book has helped me to stay on top of my time management without going off on a tangent with advice I'm not likely to implement. It's very practical.

If I don't plan, I start to get confused and my tasks don't get completed in a timely manner. I can become quite overwhelmed actually. It's at times like this I'll reach for the book to see how I can plan better. It really is a lifesaver for a busy person, I highly recommend Time Management for Entrepreneurs to anyone serious about making the most of their time.

Xina Gooding Broderick

Thank you so much Abigail, I loved your book, I found the content really useful practical and beneficial and I would definitely recommend it to every business owner. I was very moved by your personal storey and believe that everything happens for a reason. Well done to you xxx love and blessings x

Kim Wymer

A great book for any aspiring entrepreneurs. Found it to contain some invaluable tips on ho to maximise your time and turn it into profit. Perhaps the most beneficial section for me was how to use outsourcers. Would recommend for any new business start-ups and also established.

Andrew Styles

Thanks Abigail... I've read your book and found it very helpful. The tips are spot. I make a list daily and weekly and love the liberating concept of highlighting priorities, laters and Someday-or-outsource completely - I also request and change my timelines when I need to without feeling bad - I've found there are no unreasonable goals. Only unreasonable timelines.

Udo Maryanne Okonjo

Great book about time management for the entrepreneur who is lack of time, and not sure where it's waisted. Great ideas on how to get on top of everything. I love it that the book is thin.

Kitty Kalman

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your book. I have already found ways to combine tasks to save time. What I like about it the most is that your writing style gets straight to the point and therefore uses less pages. So many books are too big to save any time by reading them.

Simon Martin

Making the time to read this book was the second best decision after buying it. It is packed full of loads of tips that I have applied to the business that I run saving me time that I can now focus on revenue generating activities. Thanks Abby x

Bhavi Kanadia

Abby has put together a very insightful book based on her wide experience and knowledge. It is easy to read, full of great tips, and a must to keep on your desk for those moments when you find your mind drifting and you need a small refresher!

Margaret Cameron

A fabulous book - packed with really useful time management tips and tools. Not just practical but shifting negative mindset, doubts and fears. I have read many books on the topic and this easy to follow and short! Many thanks for creating this for us busy business owners. Jx

Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte

This book is great. Time = money, so creating an extra hour a day, could be worth an extra £24,000 to me. Learning how to use outsourcing has helped me have more time to focus on meeting clients & closing sales. The book made the process really clear and simple to understand. A worthwhile buy.

Sarah Buchanan

There are many books on Time Management and this is the most readable I've seen yet, full of straight-forward advice and easy to follow. You will not be wasting your time reading this and it can only help those minded to help themselves.

Stephen Fish

Tick Tock, Tick Tock; Time is precious, we’ve all got just 24 hours in a day, it is what we do with it that matters. Abigail Barnes knows more than most, just how precious it is, in this book you’ll gain pearls of wisdom to help you make the most of your time.

Jonathan Blain

I read it within 2 hours! Very good read actually. A lot of your principles I already follow but I am a productivity junkie! Very useful for simple actionable advice. 🙂

Kelly-Marie West

Time Management for Entrepreneurs is such a useful book, written in a style that is quick and easy to read. The structure walks you through analysing how you spend your time and then provides tips and solutions of how to cut out unnecessary waste. Throughout the book there are action taking tips to implement, and I really liked the case-studies from different people giving their personal insights as well.

Although the title is ‘for Entrepreneurs’ and I did buy it to help me manage my business time better, really the book is useful for everybody who would like some help to focus on a goal (be it personal or work related) and take the steps to make the time to do it. I’ve used this, scribbled notes all over and used the extra resources available from Abigail. It really has helped me manage my time. Thank you so much.

Anna Larden

Have you ever stopped to calculate the real cost to both your business and to your life of the time that you waste?

- Learn how to reclaim more than 10% of your time each week.
- Learn how to turn your time into profit



I have been running my own businesses for over 10 years, and I would have described myself as an effective time manger. Reading Abigail's book allowed me to take a step back and asses the reality of my daily schedule, which over the years has become a juggling act due to the number of businesses that I now run.

The book helped me to reevaluate essential and non-essential tasks, it also helped me to identify some time stealing activities that had crept in and overall it has enabled me to tighten up how I spend my working day so that I am now efficient as well as effective when it comes to time management! Reading this book was an excellent use of my time!

Simon Coulson

This book is great. Time = money, so creating an extra hour a day, could be worth an extra £24,000 to me.

Learning how to use outsourcing has helped me have more time to focus on meeting clients & closing sales. The book made the process really clear and simple to understand. A worthwhile buy.

Sazy b

Concise, clear and value adding advice that puts you into a higher performance zone. Yes, some of the guidance relates to fairly self-evident ways to make the most of your time, but then how many of us are actually DOING what is self-evident?

This book gives you a kick into making those simple changes, but also includes a wealth of really innovative ways to consider time management, as well as the motivation to drive the change through - and maintain it. Superb. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Amanda Paton

This is the first time I've been moved to write a book review. I run my own business with about 40 people and time is always short. Written in a lovely, down to earth style, this book gets to the point with some simple great ideas. An hour spent reading will give a great return on time invested. Easy to read, easy to apply.


Reading this I saw that I had been doing some things the hard way and that there were easier and faster ways to get things done which freed me up to work on the things that were really going to grow my business.


A good reminder of the things you forget (but need to know) and full of very useful tips. Written in a concise, practical way that makes applying it easy.

Carol Stewart

Well written and constructed book which made me aware of how much time I waste in one day, putting the principles in place gave me so much more time to be productive and less 'busy'.

Jane Scroggs

This book is a 5-Step process that teaches you simple strategies to regain control of your Time Management.

Abigail Barnes Abigail Barnes