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Once you become the master your time, and not the slave everything will change.

You have enough time...

So something is going wrong

And we need to figure out what.

The playing field of life is level - everyone get's the same 24 hours!

If you don’t feel like you have enough time, then that’s a different conversation, check out the Master Your Mind Program.

Without the correct information we can’t do anything about it. That’s why we created our 5-step process to help you to become the Master Your Time.

Step 1 is to Audit your time 24/7 for 7 days.

You can’t change anything until you know the truth, and the truth isn’t a thought.

This program gives you a super simple 5-step process to help you have more time and less overwhelm.


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  • 1

    x2 Online Training Sessions (24/7 access)

    Session 1 - Foundation & Audit
    By the end of this session you'll learn how to get back in the drivers seat of your life, become the master of your time and not the slave! You'll also learn how to audit your time, so that in session 2 we can identify where it's all going.
    Session 2  - Results, Agreement & Success Plan
    In this session you'll learn how to review the results of your Audit, work out what they mean and what you can do to turn things around. This session will help you shine a light on your life and turn things around. You'll also sign an agreement with yourself and learn how to create a success plan.

  • 2

    Program Workbook

    Downloadable workbook to support the online training.

  • 3

    30 Minute online Q&A Session

    Once you have finished the training you will be sent information about how to book an online Q&A session to ask the specific questions you have about your time challenges.

  • 4

    Time Management for Entrepreneurs (ebook)

    The ultimate guide to becoming the Master of Your Time

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This program was great, I now feel so much more organised, definitely less overwhelmed and I now have a weekly time plan. Thanks!

Janet Sumo