Nothing worth having was ever achieved without a plan!

We get it, we've been there on paper the life you have is not bad, everyone else thinks you're crazy not being more grateful...and some days you are inclined to agree.

But no matter how hard you try to ignore the feelings bubbling up inside you, nothing you do or try ever makes you feel better for long.

No amount of shopping, shoes, relationships, holidays, food, alcohol, parties or promotions  can numb the ache, the feeling you can't shake or even truly describe...are you going mad?

Some days it seems like it, like you are the only person in the world feeling like this and there must be something wrong with you!!!!

You have everything and yet if feels like you don't have what you want.

If only you knew what it was you wanted...

Oh the irony, you feel something you can't even describe.

Yep crazy...

But what if crazy was the new normal, what if everything you are feeling is absolutely perfect, what if the fact that you can finally feel it is the GREATEST news you could ever receive.

Because, what if you were finally waking up the the fact that you're a human being, with infinite potential and the feeling you have is an indicator that you are not making the most of it.

What if the feeling was actually a alarm, a message that to live a TRULY happy and fulfilled life things need to change, that doing the same things over and over again is not going to get you different results!

Are you READY to live a life far beyond your wildest dreams?

To wake up every day before your alarm and feel grateful for another opportunity to live your legacy, to fall madly, truly deeply in love with your life and discover that when you do, you receive everything you want and more?

Here at Success by Design Training we are on a mission to help as many people as we can to design and live their legacy!

“There are no shortcuts to success when you enjoy the journey you’re too busy to need one.”

Our products, programs, workshops and events contain all the ingredients you need to design and live your best life!

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    Do you have a business, but need help with your sales, marketing, strategy or Time Management Strategy. What we’ll cover in our time together (1/2 Day or Full Day Executive Coaching) is equal to months of 1:1 mentoring.

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    Learn how to make more money in your business working smart not hard, with our signature best selling 30-Day program from the foundations up.

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    Growth planning, business development consulting & accountability mentoring to accelerate your success with our 12-Month Program for ambitious entrepreneurs!

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The 30-Day Growth Builder Program gave me some insight into what I needed to do in order to achieve growth.

I was struggling with time management, for sure. I needed to balance a full-time contract, life, expanding the business and actually working on the product I plan to sell. It was all very daunting, and hard to attain focus on any one thing.

The most surprising/transformative part of the 30-Day Program was recognising how much there really is to do! In the first session, going over the broad monthly timetable was definitely eye-opening, and even though I didn't adhere to it, all of the tasks discussed are now given consideration whenever I make decisions about the business.

The biggest take away from the program was that I now actually have a plan. The timelines shift constantly, but I believe I am armed with everything that I need to grow the business, even if it takes longer than it should. If I get more time to invest, I will tick more things off. But it was really good to have the session to just talk and get a plan out, and consider how long each task would take. The accountability documents were great too - I'm still doing them, just to recap on the week gone-by. I haven't had a chance to personalise them to my sector yet, however I am constantly thinking about the day prior to plan for my upcoming day(s).

I found great value in the initial session and the weekly submission of documents - not only did they help gather my thoughts and understand the mammoth task ahead of me, but they did offer insight into my weekly routine, highlighting things that were really good to write down and reflect on.

I think if you're struggling to get your ideas down, or there's just too much on your plate to be able to focus, then Abigail is a fantastic help with that, and certainly if you're better at following plans than I am, then the day-to-day timetabling will be invaluable.

Jono Stewart, London

Having been in business for 16 years, one of the greatest challenge has always been time management.

Having attended Abigail's workshop, along with one of my managers, I can only emphasise how well her workshop gets across what we CAN do.  We do not have to be a slave to time, we can, by using Abigail's teachings, make time work for us.

I had the privilege of meeting Abigail before she had written her book and was still in the corporate world.  Abigail is true testament that if you implement what she has learnt, and now teaches, you will move you career, business and life in the direction of where you want to get.

Thanks Abigail, to all that read this, take time to attend Abigail's events, it's a no brainier.

Paul Wilson, London

I arrived at the workshop venue and while waiting in the lobby to go in I was dealing with the usual last minute emails, calls and texts. To say I felt stressed would have been an understatement.

By the end of the workshop I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Things really do seem clearer and Abigail really brought clarity to lots of areas and tasks that I was struggling to cope with, and the priority and importance that we can falsely attach to them.

Setting attainable goals really does make you focus in the right way.

Great workshop, I thoroughly recommend.

Gary Butler, London

Working with Abigail is great, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Business Growth Strategies that she teaches. With Abigail's expert help I am able to take regular important steps back from the coalface, re-assess and focus on my own business key growth objectives, vital to keeping on track.

I am delighted to recommend Abigail's Growth Builder Training.

Richard Pollock, Hertfordshire

"Since investing in Abigail's 30-Day Business Growth Accountability Program I have been able to restructure my business and how I manage my operations as well as trippling my monthly revenue. I now have a plan for growth that I find easy to apply and gives me more time to spend with my family and on my hobbies. I would recommend this program without hesitation. Thanks Abigail!"

Eli Pressman. London, UK

It was great working with Abigail, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Business Growth Strategies that she teaches, while working with her I was able to get clear on my own business growth requirements and create a plan to achieve them.

I am delighted to recommend her Growth Builder Training

Regan Collins, London

I really enjoy working with Abigail, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Business Growth Strategies that she teaches.

Abigail doesn't give you the answers instead she empathetically listens, challenges your thought process and gives you access to tools resources and ideas that stretch you to think about the problem in a different way. Ultimately this brings clarity and enables you to be really focused on your own growth requirements and create a plan to achieve them. 

I am delighted to recommend her Growth Builder Training Program.

Jenny Robson, Leeds

Abigail’s Time Management workshop was just what I needed to help me manage my workload. The content was engaging and included activities that focused on prioritising tasks and increasing productivity. There was plenty of time for discussion with other participants and Abigail also gave personalised advice on individual challenges. I developed strategies for saving time and also gained a clearer picture of what I want from my business. 

The Time Management workshop taught me to focus on tasks that add the most value to my business and outsource anything else. I learned that by identifying my key strengths, I could build more efficiency into my business and give myself more time to concentrate on my overall strategy.

I developed a plan for the rest of year to scale my business, which has helped me to stay focused and make better use of my time on a daily basis.

If you’re a small business owner and need more hours in your day, this workshop is for you!

Katie Hill, London

Thoroughly enjoyed Abigail's Time Management Skills Workshop. Good common sense information to help push small businesses forward.

Definitely worth attending if you're looking to get more done!

Ben Pritchard, London

The Time Management Skills Workshop I attended with Abigail was great value! The structure of the information she shared with us was great and made it really easy to take away and apply. I enjoyed learning about setting goals for every quarter and how to break them down into individual activities that need to be completed. This has created a much better picture for me. The other thing that I found very useful was the content on delegating and how much we can actually delegate. The training room we were in was a really great space and I loved how the room was set up for the training.

Thanks for a fun workshop.

Steffie Martin, London

I’m very pleased I attended Abigail’s Time Management Skills Training Workshop and at last I can look at my business and create a growth plan making the most of my time and resources. Small business owners, I highly recommend this workshop especially if you are struggling with your Time Management and Business Growth Plans!

Daryl Kay, London

After my Strategy Session, I now have a clear understanding of what needs to happen for me to be able to take my business to the next level. I have a plan and the motivation to do it. Abigail is the right blend of challenging and supportive.

Her knowledge and expertise blew me away!

Sean Alty, London, UK