Over the next 7 days you'll learn how to use our simple 5-step process to find your missing hour a day & turn your time into productivity.

What we cover during the Training:

  • DAY 1: Time - The Lie of never enough
  • DAY 3: Time - What's possible for you
  • DAY 5: Time - Let your Progress be your Proof
  • DAY 7: It's Your Time*

*Day 7 was recorded on the 8th day of the challenge.

You can complete this program over 7 days, or binge the videos & complete the homework at your own pace.

⏰ It's Your Time, so let's get started!!!






Having been in business for 16 years, one of the greatest challenge has always been time management.

Having attended Abigail's workshop, along with one of my managers, I can only emphasise how well her workshop gets across what we CAN do.  We do not have to be a slave to time, we can, by using Abigail's teachings, make time work for us.

I had the privilege of meeting Abigail before she had written her book and was still in the corporate world.  Abigail is true testament that if you implement what she has learnt, and now teaches, you will move you career, business and life in the direction of where you want to get.

Thanks Abigail, to all that read this, take the time to attend Abigail's events, it's a no brainier.

Paul Wilson

I had the true pleasure to take part of Abigail's Workshop on Lead Don't Follow. The content around Self-Leadership, Lifestyle and Legacy was really thought-provoking and inspiring. It made me reflect and at the same time gave me pragmatic tools in order to get into action after the session. What made the real difference was Abigail´s way of delivering the workshop. It shows she really enjoys what she does, this is contagious. Abigail keeps the audience in her hands throughout the entire workshop. She does this via her authentic style, daring to display vulnerability and shares very openly what made her to what she is today. The audience in the workshop must not have been easy to impress, consisting of very experienced international trainers and coaches.
I have also experienced Abigail is a great coach, showing true interest in others development with clear and precise questions.

I am happy to give Abigail my best recommendations.

Thomas Kronberg

Abigail Barnes and her 888 formula gave me one of the biggest 'ah-ha' moments that I have had in recent years. As an event producer and owner of a speaker bureau, that doesn't happen very often, but Abigail's story connected and resonated, not just with me but with every audience we put her in front of. I have worked with Abigail since 2020 on various events that we have run and we always get high scores for her in our feedback. I have also guested on a couple of her shows. Abigail is always an absolute pleasure to work with, is popular with our audiences and her messaging is quite literally life-changing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Lucy Brazier OBE

All through lockdown Abigail was this bright shining star that would lift my spirits on some very dark days. Just hearing her voice on her daily updates and her enthusiasm and care for all that were listening. Couldn't always get to the sessions but just knowing she was there was so uplifting and all her positive energy and compassion helped me so very much. When I saw that Abigail was one of our speakers at the PA Hub Conference Liverpool I was so excited... I could get to see her in person! And she didn't let us down. Still continuing with the same message about our time management and the magic 888 Formula. I was particularly pleased that Abigail also had the whole room concentrating on our breathing ... one of her tips I was very grateful for during lockdown. Thank you so much Abigail for being such an Inspirational, Amazing Lady! I do hope I have the pleasure to meet you again. Wishing you continued success as you so very deserve. THANK YOU Sue❤

Sue Morton