Change your life 8-minutes a day



In this training you will learn how to create a simple daily routine requiring as little as 8-Minutes and watch how amazing your life becomes!

The training includes:

  • 3x15 Minute training sessions (watch at your own pace)
  • 8-Minute Secret Workbook (download)
  • Progress Tracker to keep you motivated
  • 8 Minute Training Library (8-min How to videos, Audios, Guides recorded with experts available on demand)

"Go on, push Procrastination off a cliff and be the person you want to be! Thank you Abigail for making a difference!"Anon

I love #8forme 😍 use it to meditate, exercise, clearing my mind, taking time to enjoy the small things, becoming more mindful and being more organised in life. All in all taking more care of me 👏🤩 Anita

"This training was a major plus. Giving structure, purpose, outcomes and a freshness to my day. This is now and will remain part of my daily structure to ensure I balance work and healthiness with home life and satisfaction." Andy

"Absolutely loved this training got me to focus on myself daily in bite size doses. Also made me come a bit out of my comfort zone as I am usually a bit of a silent partner online but felt comfortable to share in here . So much positivity and new learnings from people sharing their activity." Cherry

"I used this training to start up exercising again. Also, I try to be more mindful. Loved the support in the group. I will keep doing 8 minutes for me every day." Anon

"Giving structure, purpose, outcomes and a freshness to my day."

"Mindset and motivation is Abigail's gift. Thank you." Anon

"I've loved this training, yes some things worked, some didn't but I've become "aware" Aware that taking #8forme in whatever format is so important and can be a kick start for anyone that thinks they don't have time - I was one of them ... I'm getting more than 8 minutes sometimes!! I feel stronger mentally and physically and I've enjoyed meeting new people and hearing new stories #grateful to Abigail Barnes and the 888 community ❤❤❤" Annemarie

"The #8forme training is a fabulous addition to your “Toolbox of Life”. Simple and lightbulb moments peppered the training throughout; numerous thought-provoking posts from my fellow challengers and a particularly supportive and embracing community. Abigail has introduced me to #8forme and delivered it with enthusiasm and consistency. The combination of the 3 types of activities changed my life completely. I tried Yoga and running , Meditation and Mantra chanting, and along with Gratitude journaling, all are now part of my life. Abigail “shows up consistently” and encourages us to show up for ourselves. Fab challenge and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get more out of their life." Lorraine

"The 28 day challenge training was an eye opener for me, I loved every day and am still using the principles of doing something for me each day whether that's 8 minutes or a bit more - is mostly more now! I'm grateful to have met Abigail at an event last year which then brought me to the 28 day challenge #8forme #grateful" Anon

"I loved the structure and flexibility of this training. Brilliantly developed, introduced and delivered by Abigail Barnes. Peppered with simple and lightbulb, life-changing moments. This course allows you to achieve your goals, while pushing your productivity levels in a fun and life-fulfilling way. Go on, push Procrastination off a cliff and be the person you want to be! Thank you Abigail for making a difference!" Anon