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8 Minute Global Team Challenge Library

Change your life 8 minutes a day!


EVERYONE get's the same 24 hours, but the truth is not everyone is using their time in the same way!

Some people are making self care a priority, and saying NO more than they say yes! Investing their time in activities that make them happy, with people that inspire and empower them.

They don't have more time than you, they're simply choosing to maximise what they have differently!

How you spend your time is your choice, and the results you're getting/not getting are the direct result of what you're doing/not doing with it.

Getting Started: 8-Min Daily Challenge

1. Pick one activity that you will do every day for 8-minutes.

In the workbook we have given you a list of 8 activities to choose from. If  you have your own then use them instead and share this with your team. Also you don't have to do the same activity every day.

The activities are broken down into 3 types (movement, mindset & meditation).

You'll find a short overview about each activity type and the major benefits (some activities come with a video, audio or pdf download to guide you step by step).

2. Track your progress (in your online team tracker)

3. Accountability use your team and partner to keep motivated and on track

4. Diary (keep notes in your workbook about what comes up for you during the challenge)





Keep accountable, give your group a daily activities update!

Keep your online team tracker updated regularly to stay motivated.

If the unexpected comes up (which it does for us all) don't forget you can do your activity at any time of the day (morning is a great way to start you day, but equally before you go to bed works too, especially if it's the sleep meditation!).


Welcome to the 8 Minute Daily Challenge Library.  My name is Abigail Barnes and I will be your trainer for this challenge.