We work with Industry leading Organisations, that want to increase productivity,  without compromising job satisfaction and improve the work-life balance of their talent.



Abigail has just delivered a session on Productive Wellbeing & the 888 Formula, Creating a Resilient Workforce to our SSF UK members at our virtual annual conference. It has been a difficult year for us all and when we made the decision to go virtual we really didn't know what to expect. From the moment I first spoke to Abigail I knew she was perfect for our flagship event, I explained the theme of our conference and the brief and I knew she got it straight away. Her session was so relevant and just what our members needed at a time when work life balance is not as it should be. Abigail really engaged with our audience and gave a truly insightful and interactive session that provided so many takeaways for members to implement into their own organisations. It was a pleasure to have you as part of our event and we look forward to working with you again in 2021.

Lynsey Oakes, Operations & Events Manager, Shared Services Forum, UK

Abigail recently spoke at my online event for small business owners, sharing her tips on strategies to maintain mindset balance and foster productivity during rapid change. Her preparation ahead of the event was much appreciated, as was her fantastic input and professionalism during the session! It was great to see lovely comments come through from attendees following the discussion... they clearly found Abigail's input highly valuable. A pleasure to work with and a highly recommended speaker!

Dannielle Murphy, Enterprise Nation

I asked Abigail to speak at the Future Assistant Conference in February 2019, and I was so impressed with her session. She is an excellent speaker, incredibly warm and generous with the audience and a breath of fresh air! Her productivity tips are fantastic. I love that she concentrates on why we are not productivity rather than repeating all the productivity tips we all know but don't use! She took the time to understand the audience, and that came through during her session. I would highly recommend Abigail as a speaker and trainer.

Nicky Christmas, Practically Perfect PA

I had the big pleasure attended a Workshop run by Abigail called Lead Don't Follow. It was an inspiring and mind-opening session, the content was well laid out and easy to follow. Having Abigail as facilitator and coach was an awesome experience. Her authenticity, her openness, her trust and her charming way to present "heavy" topics made the workshop a very personal and personalized journey! I now have a "vision wall" and a clear legacy plan for my business. If you want to get inspired, confronted with your own pitfalls concerning your "real aim" and work in a safe and warm environment on your future way of life join Abi in one of their workshops or meetings, I am deeply convinced you will enjoy it and have a real and true benefit!

Martin Capelle Founder & Owner of CCTC, Consulting Coaching Training Capelle, Germany

I had the true pleasure to take part of Abigail's Workshop on Lead Don't Follow. The content around Self-Leadership, Lifestyle and Legacy was really thought-provoking and inspiring. It made me reflect and at the same time gave me pragmatic tools in order to get into action after the session. What made the real difference was Abigail´s way of delivering the workshop. It shows she really enjoys what she does, this is contagious. Abigail keeps the audience in her hands throughout the entire workshop. She does this via her authentic style, daring to display vulnerability and shares very openly what made her to what she is today. The audience in the workshop must not have been easy to impress, consisting of very experienced international trainers and coaches. I have also experienced Abigail is a great coach, showing true interest in others development with clear and precise questions. I am happy to give Abigail my best recommendations.

Thomas Kronberg, Founder & CEO Permoveo Coaching AB, Sweden

Abigail is passionate, professional, adaptable and a pleasure to work with. She is organised, extremely experienced, and sure to have the wow factor for your audience. The feedback from her session was outstanding scoring 4.17/5. I could not recommend having Abigail as a speaker at your event enough.

Joanna Steele, Events & Project Manager, London

I had the pleasure of working with Abigail through our company HelloGrads. She provided a workshop on 'How to master your time and smash your goals' for the Creative Talent Festival, which we co-hosted with the Uni of Westminster. She also took part in a panel on 'starting out' (in the workplace). Abigail was a positive presence throughout the day and shared so many words of wisdom. She phrased her points succinctly and powerfully giving us some memorable quotes. She was punctual, well prepared and engaged the students she spoke to. I would recommend Abigail to speak for any event regarding careers, wellbeing or corporate training. It's rare to meet somebody who can engage a student and also a CEO, but Abigail's the lady to do it!

Sophie Phillipson, Founder Hello Grads, London

I have been co-hosting events with Abigail on numerous occassions and it is not often that I say this BUT when it comes to speaking, organising events, running workshops, being a host, organiser and facilitator - Abigail makes it look like ZERO effort. Her events are a MUST ATTEND. Her ability to speak from stage and teach her material is super unique as she brings very complex topics to life with here ability to simplify and create her own methodologies. If you are looking for a speaker that really leaves your audience inspired, Abigail is your woman!

Annik Petrou, Co-Founder Speaker Express, London

Having been in business for 16 years, one of the greatest challenge has always been time management. Having attended Abigail's workshop, along with one of my managers, I can only emphasise how well her workshop gets across what we CAN do.  We do not have to be a slave to time, we can, by using Abigail's teachings, make time work for us. I had the privilege of meeting Abigail before she had written her book and was still in the corporate world.  Abigail is true testament that if you implement what she has learnt, and now teaches, you will move you career, business and life in the direction of where you want to get. Thanks Abigail, to all that read this, take the time to attend Abigail's events, it's a no brainier.

Paul Wilson, Owner & MD Prologic Systems Ltd

I arrived at the workshop venue and while waiting in the lobby to go in I was dealing with the usual last minute emails, calls and texts. To say I felt stressed would have been an understatement.

By the end of the workshop I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Things really do seem clearer and Abigail really brought clarity to lots of areas and tasks that I was struggling to cope with, and the priority and importance that we can falsely attach to them.

Setting attainable goals really does make you focus in the right way. Great workshop, I thoroughly recommend.

Gary Butler, Contracts Manager Prologic Solutions Ltd

It was great working with Abigail, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the Strategies that she teaches, while working with her I was able to get clear on my own requirements and create a plan to achieve them. I am delighted to recommend her Training.

Regan Collins, Co-Founder & CEO Azuronaut, London