Using the 10-year challenge as motivation

How to use the 10-year challenge as motivation.

The 10-year challenge is taking the social media world by storm (#10yearchallenge), everyone from J.Lo and Mariah Carey to Reece Witherspoon and Janet Jackson are sharing their pictures.

They say a picture paints a thousand words but does it really?

When I looked back at my own photos I can remember exactly who I was 10 years ago, how unhappy, afraid and insecure I felt despite my confident exterior. This week I felt compelled to BE HONEST and share 10 things that the last 10 years have taught me, in the hope that it might help someone else.

10 things the last 10 years has taught me.

1. Nothing that you worry about today EVER turns out as bad as you fear it will.
2. Everyone else is fighting a mental battle you may NEVER know about!
3. Photos lie, just because someone looks happy and confident doesn’t mean they are!
4. Confidence is a daily practice, it can be taught and it can be learned!
5. Confident people learned it from someone else!
6. If you could be excited or scared, choose excited, only your mind can articulate the difference, your body thinks it is exactly the same thing!
7. YOU are so much stronger than your mind it can be trained to work for you, make you happy and create the life of your dreams!!
8. Gratitude is the BEST secret to happiness!
9. You need less than 17 seconds of Courage before the panic feeling turns to excitement!

Whatever you are going through right now, I hope something in this list resonated with you.

NOTHING lasts forever, speak to someone, write it down, call someone for a chat – Get out of your head and into your AMAZING heart the life you dream of is waiting for you!!!


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