22 Productivity Tips shared in our Room on Clubhouse

Launching The Productive Wellbeing Club on Clubhouse

Last week (5 May 2021) I ran our first room on Clubhouse (new social media app) under The Productive Wellbeing Club.

Introducing Members and the audience to the concept of Productive Wellbeing.

With this Club and the work we do at Success by Design Training we are on a mission to build a Global Community of humans united in one mission: Making the most of every minute they have.

What does that mean?

How you spend your time on a daily basis is creating the life you have today. If you don’t like things about that life, then it is your responsibility to start making changes.

It might not be easy, especially not at the beginning, but it is possible.

The only difference between you and someone you admire is the beliefs they have about what is possible.

When you change your beliefs, you will change your life.

How do you Stay Productive?

In our inaugural room, we asked members of the Club and the audience to share their number one tip for staying productive, below are the 22 productivity tips they shared. Which do you resonate with the most? Let us know on social media @abarnesauthor

22 Productivity Tips to inspire you

“Putting myself first is the key to my success. Which means taking care of my nutrition, fitness plan and mental wellbeing. I use accountability in the form of publicly announcing my intentions.”

Suzanne Shaw

“I chunk my time into tasks & activities to make sure I get everything done”

Louise Goss

“I create deadlines and break my goals down into small steps to help me achieve them.”

Richard Shanks

“I get into my body as soon as I can, working out soon after I wake up”

Scarlett O’Connor


Alessio Tramontozzi

“I make the most of every minute I have”

Ryan Nurse

“I close all the open tabs on my browser and focus on one activity at a time”

Paul Abercrombie

“I focus on my own journey”

Garth Peters

“Self-care is how I stay productive – I take myself out for dinner and keep my cup filled up”

Andy Murphy

“I focus on doing one thing at a time”

Shar Weil

“I surround myself with people who hold me accountable and keep me on deadline”

Molly Dare

“I schedule everything in my diary”

Michelle Walters

“I am mindful of what I am thinking – and live in the present”

Natasha Evans

“I understanding what productive looks like for me”

Jessica Barclay

“I create my to-do list the night before”

Andrea Petrone

“I wear life like a t-shirt, not a wetsuit”

Taner Hassan

“Starting my day in the gym helps keep me mentally sharp”

Christian Alozie

“I don’t punish myself if I am not as productive as I wanted to be. I also take daily action towards my goals however small and remind myself to keep going.”

Michael Kurn

“I take a nap during the day to help me keep my energy high”

Barani Shira

“By make sure that I have a WHY that is motivating and inspiring”

Taurean O’Sullivan

“I am aware of my energy levels throughout the day, and if it dips I use tapping (EFT) to get me back into a flow state”

Melanie Moore

“I take movement breaks throughout the day to recharge my energy levels”

Linda Meeks

We’d love to know which of these top tips you resonated with the most, please tag us in your post on social media @abarnesauthor

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