7 Steps to developing a positive mindset

1) Positive Self Talk
How you explain things to yourself? What attitude do you adopt when dealing with everyday life? Do you choose to see things as lessons or as problems?

2) Positive Visualisation (Programming the reticular activating system RAS)
This is about believing that you are who you want to be already when you believe it you will see it…your mind is a powerful machine, the trick is to understand that this is your machine so how you program it is really your choice. Every night before you go to bed visualise the life you want to live as though you are already living it. Use your mind to create the future you want to live, not to worry about eventualities that haven’t even happened yet!

3) Bread for the head (feed your mind a quality diet)
You become what you are surrounded by, you are in control of what you listen to, you read, you study, you watch. The choices that you make are the direct reflection of the life that you have, the feelings that you feel and the results that you get.

4) Surround yourself with positive action taking people
Your feelings and results are the product of the people that you spend the most time with. Be more selective if you want to develop and maintain a positive mindset.

5) Develop good health habits
Avoid carbonated drinks, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed food. Stock up on mineral rich food, essential fatty acids, greens and antioxidants. Do enjoyable exercise and make sure that you get good quality recovery time to minimise stress.

6) Be a perpetual student of life
Never stop learning, attend training events that cover subjects that you are interested in from business to the arts, food to exercise. An active mind is a contented mind, and connection is a top human need, so get out there and meet like-minded people on the same journey as you!