7 Time Management Skills for Success

These are my top 7 Time Management Skills for Success, they are the foundation of all of the training that I run.

“No man is rich enough to buy back his past.” Oscar Wilde

1. Manage your time, or it will be managed for you

2. Make/review your to-do list the night before

3. Group tasks by activity

4. Block work, try the Pomodoro Technique/90 min chunks

5. Don’t compare or measure against others, you don’t know their ‘real’ story, resources, or truth!

6. Watch what you say, to yourself, and about things. Avoid ‘if/should/I can’t because’…Your words create your reality!

7. Outsource what takes you out of flow as soon as possible. (Do it at least once though so you can manage an outsourcer)