7 tips to improve your relationships online

Customer ConnectionWe are moving from the information age to the ‘connection age’ but what does that actually mean? And how can knowing this affect your success in business?

Connection is the foundation of the meaning of life, it is the reason that we do business with people that we like (even if they are not the market leader/cheapest) it is the reason why people sleep out overnight for the next (arguable over priced) Apple product. It is what drives us to want to grow our business network, and means that we attend Networking events and are members of Networking Organisations.

Connection is the key to open the door to meaningful business success. Which translates to being able to do business that is fun as well as profitable. Connection puts the emotion back into business again. If you don’t believe me then think for a moment about how you want to be treated as a customer, you expect to be seen as a person not just a customer number right? So how can you translate that into your own business processes and activities?

People buy from people/businesses that they can connect with.

Here are seven top tips to help you improve your success in business through better connection:

  1. Understand that connection is a state of mind

Get into the mindset of your customers and deliver service in a way that makes them feel like a valued customer.

  1. Identify the barriers to execution

You may have created a scalable business model that doesn’t allow for connection, so weigh up the cost benefit of making any changes.

  1. Research is key

Make a point of regularly asking your customers what they want more or less of, this builds connection, and leads them to believe that their opinion/custom is valuable to you.

  1. Challenge yourself to adapt

We live in a constantly evolving world and if you are not keeping pace with innovation then you are fast becoming irrelevant. Customers have more choice than ever before. So adapt as necessary and respect their loyalty while it lasts.

  1. Learn how to build connection

Not everyone knows how to build connection, some business owners may be introverted and find speaking to their customers stressful. However being a business owner means that it is your responsibility to learn and improve on the skills that do not come naturally if you want to continue to grow your business.

  1. Never stop being a student

We live in a fast paced world that changes daily, so make a point of being a perpetual student. Invest in training and development that will help you to constantly improve on your success in business and life too.

  1. Think Global

Don’t make the mistake of thinking local, the Internet and cheap airline travel has made the world 24/7. Create a business that can work even when you are sleeping! Connection is about accessibility as well, and with technology the way it is these days you can create a business that keeps you in the game.