Book Recommendations from the Podcast

Here’s a summary of all the book recommendations made by Abigail Barnes and her guests on The Time Management Podcast, including her own.

Book Recommendations


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Given all of the previous content Abigail has produced and shared with the world, I know this podcast will add significant value to the way I work. Thank you.


So inspiring to hear how Abigail turns her own personal stories into lessons we can all learn from. And her take on procrastination is so helpful and so loving. I am not a flawed person who procrastinates I’m just someone who has a story around perfection. Love it.

S kohli Lal

Really enjoyed the insights presented in this podcast.


Fantastic Podcast, brings together the issues in a way we can all relate to.


Loving the Podcast please release more soon.


Abigail Barnes provides amazing interviews on timely topics to help others get control of their time (and their mindsets)! The interviews are so interesting, and the tips provided are immediately helpful. Thanks, Abigail – I love this podcast!


I listened to your first Podcast Conv with Lucy Brazier. It was really interesting. I really enjoyed it.


Hi. I’m loving your Podcast ❤️


This podcast with Lucy Braizer was amazing. People like me got taught the ways how Lucy was treated, I never felt comfortable in those type of work environments. What an amazing story she would had to share, thank you.


Hi, Abigail – I just listened to the podcast… excellent interview with Lucy Brazier!


We love your voice and it is so inspiring to listen to your interviews and thoughts. Girlpower forever.

Pony L0ve


Just Perfect !! brilliant ideas Abigail !!  Thanks for sharing this important area of our life..Best Wishes Rod 🙂



Listened to the first on this morning. Excited to get stuck in!


The Time Management Podcast is a Great! So inspiring and includes some really great advice that has genuinely helped me to better manage my time. Would definitely recommend.


A great podcast delving into optimising people and time.


Abigail explains time management concepts with clear and tangible examples. Loved the episode with Lucy Brazier, really insightful and full of great takeaways on effective use of ‘golden time’, colour coding your timetable and time boxing, just for starters. Lots to implement already, really looking forward to what comes next!


I’ve really enjoyed Abigail Barnes’ podcasts especially the one about procrastination. Already making process on my projects and in my personal life because of some of tips she shared. Looking forward to more!


Excellent Podcast Abigail. Great to hear Keith from Goya. The biggest takeaway is the live for today, the past has gone and the future is unknown. Today is here. Use the time wisely.


The way in which Keith is able to explain his position on the work life balance is truly inspirational. It is so important as you say in your 888 life breakdown that you make time for yourself in order to regenerate your batteries. It also helps to be able to talk to people away from your work environment who are skilled in Time Management because they can help in prioritising the way in which you look at life. Thank you Abigail for such a thought provoking discussion with Keith.


This podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to supercharge their productivity and achieve their goals. Abigail’s extensive experience as a productivity coach and her passion for time management shines through in every episode. She delivers fresh time management tips, expert insights, and a simple 5-step game-changer process! Don’t miss out on this valuable resource for creating a life that exceeds what you imagined possible.

Baker Extraordinaire

Full of golden nuggets thanks Abigail. Picked up plenty that I’ve started putting into practice which is helping me already. Looking forward to the next episode!

Random Walk

Wise words. I very much enjoyed the podcast, and I agree that the acquisition of knowledge, (including self knowledge, which requires acquiring some resilience) is incredibly important and inextricably linked to self improvement.

Thank you


Thank you for sharing this persons story (Simon Coulson)! I learned this very same lesson myself earlier this year…


I know it sounds odd, but I listen to so many podcasts that make me feel like I’m back at school, and I am in the ‘learning chair’, which is a drudge. Abigail‘s sessions effortlessly engage me, in a refreshing and absorbing way.

Quirk Chris

About Episode 010 The Addiction to next: I will be successful when….

Great episode – and brilliant thought to take into “resolution season” in January!

Dr Elizabeth Blakelock

Dear Abigail, I’m putting your tricks and tips into practice, and I totally agree with “stopping” notifications that are distracting and then take longer to continue what you were doing. I have put it into practice, both at work and at personal level, and my time management has increased very positively. I love your podcasts. Please continue offering this to us


Listening to this again after listening to ep.17! … It’s brilliant. Very inspiring and has helped me realize that my way of thinking is perfectly acceptable and it works for me! I look forward to doing my time audit! … Plus, I must get a copy of your book (signed of course!) ❤


Excellent interview, Abigail. This was truly inspirational. Princewill


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