5 Ways to avoid decision making fatigue

decision making fatigue

Is decision making fatigue giving you anxiety?

What was the last decision you made?

How long did it take you to make that decision?

Perhaps it was what to wear, what to eat, whether to ask someone out on a date, whether to start working with someone or to stop working with someone.

Studies show we make 35,000 decisions per day.

I just made 3 in the last minute, what coffee to order, where to sit and how to title this post so you actually click on it, read it, and learn something that will change your life!

> Actually, that’s probably 5 decisions.

That’s the problem, decision making fatigue (having to make too many decisions) it’s leading to anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination, illness and so much more, here are some top tips for you to try.

5 Ways to avoid decision making fatigue:

1. Simplifying the number of decisions you have to make each day

Such as what you wear, create a uniform for yourself, or decide the night before. You might want to think about creating a meal plan for the week so you know what you will eat each day and remove the need to plan and shop on the day! I also suggest you turn off notifications on your phone for the 100 apps that want our attention ALL the time! Guard your attention, and you’ll change your life!

2. Create your do list the night before

Deciding what you need to do the night before will give you motivation from the moment the alarm goes off and make you so much more productive as you won’t waste time deciding what to do on the day!

3. Chunk big tasks down into smaller more achievable activities   

Research demonstrates that motivation increases as people tick through their list. Pretty soon all the small wins add up to BIG wins.

4. Make BIGGER decisions when you’re on a roll

Perhaps you’re a morning person, full of energy and motivation, perhaps you make your best decisions at 3 am…try new things out until you find the formula that works best for you!

5. Get active 

The moment you find yourself slowing down mentally, take a break…studies show that the average human has a 20-minute attention span, while others are lucky enough to be able to maintain focus for 60-90mins. The trick is to change location when you start finding it hard to focus, look out of the window, or go for a walk.


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