How do you measure success?

This month we hosted the final panel discussion of our 2019 Redefining Success Series.

This year we asked Annik PetrouSiobhan Kangataran and Lovelda Vincenzi (Feb) Lucy ChamberlainAngela Cox and Michael Kurn (May) and Ruth KudziJess Gardiner and Laura Try (Nov) to share their stories with us.


Each of our panelist’s has redefined what success means to them and fundamentally changed their ‘career/life plans’ to create the life and business they want including further pivots in 2019 reinforcing the message that change is a life long process.

The panelists

We had an ex-consultant turned Amazon best selling author, speaker, and mindset mentor, an ex-beauty salon owner turned endurance athlete, an ex-deputy head turned Amazon best selling author, speaker, and business mentor, an ex-recruitment consultant turned award-winning business owner and speaker an ex-speaker phobic turned speaker coach, author (to be) and TEDx speaker, as well as ex-football hopeful, turned TV presenter, author, and entrepreneur ex-high level PA turned global network owner, speaker, and entrepreneur, as well as a professional MC and high level, speaking coach and career coach.

The discussion

The intention of these events has been to discuss and better understand what ‘success’ has been, could be, and is for each of our panelist’s. At every event, they answered the following questions:

  1. Can you briefly introduce yourself (60 seconds)
  2. Take us back what did success used to look like?
  3. How do you measure success today and what does life look like?
  4. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting your new chapter?  
  5. How do you plan your life (set goals/visualise)? 
  6. Do you have any daily routines that you follow?
  7. What would you have done differently knowing what you do today?
  8. What advice would you give your younger self?

The conclusion

All of our panelists shared the highs and the lows of their journey with us. The overriding conclusion was that success is subjective. The ingredients of success can include time, money, freedom, passion, purpose and impact and are not the same for everyone.

They all agreed that change had been worth it – but that with the benefit of hindsight most of them said they would have done more research, had more savings, spoken to people about how they were feeling before they made changes as in some cases there could have been a more comfortable transition.

On the other hand, the ones who did feel like this also acknowledged that in not knowing what they didn’t know, they just had to keep going and found a way to turn things around.

To summarise the path to ‘success’ is not direct whether you are choosing to follow the traditional route or make it up as you go along both take time, and involve highs and lows, but one route all of the panelists agreed felt better than how they did things before and gave them the lifestyle they wanted, but it’s not for everyone and one path isn’t right and the other wrong – it comes down to what makes you happy.

How is Success created?

Success is created from a belief that anything is possible. It is possible to be happy and ‘successful’ seemed to be the overriding consensus of all 3-panel discussions. They all also agreed that it wasn’t ‘overnight’, easy, a straight line or an easier option.

In fact could the ‘lifestyle’ they have each chosen to adopt be classed as successful? It’s 100% subjective, which means that the creation of it is subjective also.

What does this mean for you?

Attendees of our events have gone on to make changes in their own lives, inspired by what they heard the panelists sharing. We’ve heard from people who have decided it was finally time to leave a relationship, to start working out, to quit their job and try the business idea they’d been harboring for years, to end an energy-sucking friendship and to choose to prioritise what makes them happy above all else. As well as one guy who found the courage to speak about his mental health and anxiety struggles (we then went on to host a panel discussion on Manxiety with him and two others in March as a result.

Change is simple, but not easy, because it requires that we take action in spite of fear.

What’s also become apparent is that fear is a liar and it is never going to go away, but the opportunities are because time is finite, the clock is ticking, life moves on whether we like it or not.

MASSIVE THANKS to all our sponsors this year: 

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