How to become the most productive person you know!

How to become the most productive person you know

Your ability to prioritise your to-do list, and to determine the activities that create the greatest returns is your key to higher levels of accomplishment and increased productivity.

You will be recognised for being more efficient, rewarded for what you deliver and trusted as a reliable producer.

When you develop the habit of concentrating on the activities that generate the biggest results you will get more done than everyone else around you.

How to Prioritise

There is a direct correlation between how you spend your time and the results you get.

Only 20% of the activities on your current to-do list is actually generating your results.

The other 80% of your list is filled with non-essential activities that could be delegated, outsourced or removed from your list altogether.

20/80 Productivity Model

You can’t do everything, so identify and avoid tasks that are low value, and create more time to focus on the 20% of your to-do list that generates the most return for your time invested.

How to Change

The starting point for creating new habits, and eliminating the mental blocks to outstanding productivity, is for you to decide to become excellent at the way you use your time and take the actions necessary.

A decision without action is just a dream.

Your aim should be to become so productive with your time that people are inspired and motivated by your results and use you as a role model for their own work habits.