"I hired Abigail to be a masterclass host/speaker/trainer for a Passionate PA away-day in May 2022. I gave her the brief and said we did things differently. I needed a speaker who could adapt, embrace, nurture and excel in a not-so-average speaking gig... SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! 🎉

From the outset she worked hard to understand my brief, the style that would work for my team and the best way to inspire them. On the day she was engaging, supportive and very fun to work with.

Needless to say, feedback from my team has been wonderful - Abigail is the perfect speaker if your audience are anything but average and would relish the opportunity to see 'productivity' in a different way."

- Kate Chastey

"Abigail's Productive Wellbeing Workshop came at a perfect time for me and gave me the impetus, strategies and motivation I needed for a reset. Abigail delivered her workshop to our group with warmth and empathy. She is utterly believable; her personal story is a testament to what she teaches. A great day with excellent outcomes and wholeheartedly recommended."

- Debbie Frith

"I loved my day with Abigail. It was powerful, emotional and life changing. Listening to what she had to say made clear sense and I took control of my life. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a day with Abigail."

- Jenni Bowman

"When it comes to productivity and time management, it’s always been ‘turn off distractions’ and ‘eat the frog’…

However this was very different. Everything Abigail shared with us on the day was common sense but not common practice. Sometimes you have to deconstruct something and put it back together to make sure all the pieces really do fit!

As for the frogs, the only ones there on the day were the ones you kiss and that magically turn into something of huge value: goals, ideas and inspiration. They’re the frogs I needed!"

- Laurey Buckland

"Abigail was really motivating! Her 888 approach 25 day challenge really helped me to focus my efforts and set clear goals when starting my business! If you need to be more productive and focused on what's really important to you, then reach out to Abigail now!"

- Nicola Anderson