Is a lack of clarity killing your sales?

Clarity is the opposite of confusion; it is a business owner’s key to success.

Generally, the majority of business owners have a vague idea when they first start-up, but then as their business evolves most of their time is spent fighting fires, and clarity is the last thing on their mind. Anyone can regain clarity and create revenue growth.

All you need is a clarity growth mindset.

With a clarity growth mindset you can slow down and review all of the options available to you and choose the one that supports your business growth model.

Business success is about learning how to work smart, not hard. No one enjoys being a busy fool and clarity resolves this.

It may seem like an overly simple solution to something that in most cases can be causing immense stress on a daily basis. It is for this exact reason that you are unable to see the options that are available to you.

Stress and brain freeze is the result of poor decision-making and the lack of a plan – which leads to panic and worse decision-making.

Prioritising time to slow down, get clear and create a plan, review the opportunities and make decisions from a place of clarity leads to less stress and greater life satisfaction.

“Great leaders must have two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate that vision clearly.” ~Simon Sinek


People work better and most efficiently when they feel like they are on top of things, they have a plan and they are following it.

They understand that spending time working on this plan (attaining crystal clarity) is time well spent, and will provide them with a huge return on their investment. Allowing them to be less stressed, and more clear-headed in their decision making and better able to manage their business and revenue growth.

This kind of leadership and business management creates mental space by allowing the business owner to get clear, take action and get results.


A clarity growth mindset is about actively taking the time to focus on the end results and the benefits of investing time in planning and goal setting for business growth.

With clarity comes laser focus with strategic and planned action comes business and revenue growth.


  1. Spend time creating clear and motivating business goals
  2. Spend time creating clear and motivating life goals
  3. Schedule planning/create focus time
  4. Make time to exercise and get out in nature
  5. Get the right amount of quality sleep