Joan Burge: The Influential Assistant with Abigail Barnes

 📣 In this episode I am joined by Joan Burge, 4x best selling author, professional speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer who is known as the pioneer of the administrative training industry starting her Business in1990. She’s also the survivor/thriver of more adversity than seems possible for a person in one lifetime!

This Episode is for you if:

→ You want to find out how to be an influential assistant

→ You’re ready for a fresh perspective on what’s possible for you & your career

→ You’re ready to learn from someone who’s been knocked down by life more times than seems possible, but is not done yet and is here to share their philosophy on life and time!

“I’m not done yet.” Joan Burge

In this episode we also cover:

  • Joan’s evolving relationship with time over the years
  • Lessons from her father-in-laws shock death in his late 60’s
  • Work hard – Play Hard: Enjoy life now not waiting
  • Lessons from her husbands Pancreatic Cancer age 57
  • In one day your entire life can change, you can do all the right things & still get sick
  • It’s ok if SuperWoman is missing in action, the art of delegation
  • Joan’s own near death experience in 2014 with a rare brain tumour
  • Surviving open Heart Surgery in 2015
  • A new perspective & respect for time
  • Making the most of every day
  • Daily quiet time, to recharge and reset your energy
  • The time I take for myself is an investment in me
  • Give yourself permission to live a big life, Joan’s 5 pillars of life
  • Energy Management – Getting into flow to increase productivity
  • Influencing your own schedule
  • Identify what drains your energy and eliminate it from your life
  • Information & decision fatigue
  • The art of using your PA & delegation
  • Prioritising your life pillars and self awareness
  • Conference: Shaping strategy steering success
  • Building influence – nurturing the relationships you have
  • FOCUS in moments to increase your Productivity
  • Joan Burge’s 8 Top Tips for a Productive Life
  • And so much more

Episode 016 – Joan Burge: The Influential Assistant with Abigail Barnes

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