John R. Miles: Living a Passion Stuck Life with Abigail Barnes

📣 In this episode I am joined by John R. Miles a leading authority on Intentional Behaviour Change, Personal Growth, and Mattering.

His Award-Winning Passion Struck Podcast has listeners in over 169 Countries, 25 Million+ downloads and 30k+ plus 5* Reviews online.

His new book Passion Stuck is out on 6 February (avail on pre order today).

This Episode is for you if:

→ You’re struggling to find meaning or purpose in your life

→ You’re ready for a fresh perspective on what’s possible for someone like you

→ You’re ready to learn from a person who’s tried it all & is on a mission to share his wisdom to save you time and help you live a passion struck life

John’s Daily Mantra: “Today is a glorious day. I am going to live it with excellence with boundless enthusiasm, and limitless integrity true to my vision and with a heart full of love.” John R. Miles

In this episode we also cover:

  • John’s Relationship with time over the years
  • How John’s childhood shaped his can-do, will-do, winners mindset
  • Using the Passion Struck Framework to navigate decision-making, problem-solving, failure, innovation, change, boundaries, and leadership
  • Thriving amid Mosquitoes one of the 12 Powerful Principles from his NEW Book Passion Struck
  • Chris Cassidy ex NASA Astronaut
  • Navy Seal Training: Would you read the hell week itinerary if you had the chance?
  • Adopting the mindset that “Trying Times End”
  • John’s vision for his new book, and positively impacting the lives of the reader
  • New book is out – 6 February 2024 (available on pre order today)
  • Jim McKelvey Co Founder of Square
  • Why so many startups fail
  • Keeping the main thing the main thing – The Art of Focus on the road to Success
  • John’s morning routine (Water/Walk/Gratitude) and his personal daily mantra
  • John shares BJ Fogg’s (Author of Tiny Habits) perspective on Gratitude
  • Cornell University Research from 2018: The biggest end of life regret
  • Intentional choices versus easy decisions
  • We wrapped up with what it means to be Passion Struck
  • And so much more

Episode 014 – John R. Miles: Talks Living a Passion Stuck Life with Abigail Barnes

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