Lauren Kelly: Talks Human Design & Time Management with Abigail Barnes

📣 This week Lauren Kelly a BAFTA award-winning TV executive whose career path took an unexpected turn with a sudden period of ill-health and burnout talks to us about her journey to recovery and the role that Human Design played for her and how it can help us too.

This Episode is for you if:

→ You’re feeling burned out trying to stay on top of everything

→ You’ve wondered why you don’t work in the same way as your colleagues

→ You ever feel drained or overstimulated around certain people and in certain places

“Understanding your type can really help with productivity, because what burns us out and what makes us tired is trying to be something that we’re not.” Lauren Kelly

In this episode we also cover:

  • Lauren’s Burnout wake up call
  • How understanding Human Design helped her recovery
  • Understanding her Projector Design Type
  • What is Human Design
  • What are the Types
  • Working as a Projector
  • Where different Types work best
  • Human Design & building a team
  • Where you can go to take the test
  • How do we best make decisions
  • Open & Closed Centres
  • Using your Human Design to make decisions
  • 7 Ways we make decisions (your authority)
  • How Human Design an help you be more Productive
  • Honouring your Design & what works for you
  • The Human Design Experiment (not a manual)
  • Making Decisions using your Design
  • Productivity & your Strategy
  • Laurens new Projector Training Programme
  • And so much more

Episode 024 Lauren Kelly: Talks Human Design & Time Management with Abigail Barnes

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