Marketing Domination Training Part 1

“I am who I am because I say I am.” Your business success is 80% dependent on who you tell people that you are, and what it is that you offer.

When you truly believe in what you do, how you do it, and that you are the best person for the job then you are on the path to marketing success.

The remaining 20% is down to how you execute (deliver) what it is that you sell.

In this first post, I will cover the top 4 areas for marketing domination.

1. How do you differentiate your offering?

Sell from your why. When you talk about what you’re most passionate about and what fires you up then you sell without selling, you enrol others in your vision. They will buy from you because you live and breath what you do and they admire and aspire to be like you.

Aspiration marketing is one of the most effective and simplest strategies to implement if you are doing what you love with good intentions then your passion will become infectious.

If you don’t enjoy what you do and you are only motivated by the money then I would strongly encourage you to think seriously about getting a job. There is much less pressure and business management involved, but you do lose a chunk of freedom and gain another kind. There is comfort in a monthly wage.

However there is a better kind of comfort in the monthly income that your business can create when you are confident in what you offer, your business is up and running, and your foundations are in place. This will take time, but it is worth it.

2. How do you make your offering irresistible to the market?

Spend time researching the problems that exist. What would help people to have a better, and or an easier life? What system, service or product could you sell as the solution to their problem which will save them time and money?

The devil is in the data. Answers to these questions and a few others like this will allow you to craft an irresistible offer that will create demand.

Don’t skip this step because it may be a bit boring to you, if research is not your thing, find someone that can teach you, and or someone that you can outsource it to.

3. How do you create an offering that people can’t live without?

This point comes out of the research stage that I just mentioned. When you can work out the universal problems, then you can tailor make the solution.

Using the language and terminology specific to your target market. Start locally and build globally, just because countries speak the same language does not mean that they buy in the same way and or even have the same problem.

4. How can you trade on demand and not compete on price?

This final point doubles back to point 1. When people see you as the expert they instantly want to buy from you even if someone else is selling an identical solution, even when you are fully booked.

People always want what other people have, you can’t argue with human nature.

The Apple iphone is one of the best modern examples of demand. There are many android competitors on the market a few of which some people argue are better.

However, Apple has created an aspirational brand that integrates into a household IT solution and is now more of a way of living. Owners have bought into the ‘Apple life’, this, in turn, has created demand, people that own Apple are seen as cutting edge and so must own the latest devices that this brand has to sell.

How can you work with this phenomenon and use it to grow your business? What kind of a lifestyle can you create with your products or services?

– What kind of a lifestyle can you create with your products or services?

– What will your tribe of loyal clients look like?

– How will you keep them coming back for more?


Like point 3 (above) make sure that you do your research before you pick where you will promote.

Understand how your ideal clients operate online and then hang out where they hang out. Answer their questions, build your profile in their eyes and be seen as the expert.

Don’t sell from the get-go. Earn the right by building your profile on the platform and adding massive value.

By doing this you are gaining permission to sell which is a much more effective sales strategy, it’s known as ‘selling without selling’.