Martin Capelle: Talks Intuition & Time Management

What if the life you have isn’t the one you want, but your responsibilities are keeping you stuck.

📣 This week on The Time Management Podcast my guest Martin Capelle, an International Trainer, Consultant and Coach shares his insights about intuition, decision making and how to live life without regrets, with examples from his own life as well as 25+ years as an International Trainer working with clients in Europe, Asia, India, South Africa and North America.

This Episode is for you if:

→ You’re struggling to hear your intuition

→ You make decisions and then wonder if they were right

→ You’ve ever felt uncertain about how to make changes in your career or life

When making a decision ask yourself: “is my motivation away from something, or is my motivation to go somewhere?” Martin Capelle

In this episode we also covered:

  • Time as a submariner & Lieutenant in the Navy
  • Time wake up call no 1
  • Time wake up call no 2
  • Workaholism & Life Changes
  • Leadership & Management
  • Quitting your job in the face of uncertainty
  • Intuition, what is it and how do you use it/trust it
  • The Max Planck Institute & Human Development
  • Human Design & Decision Making
  • Behavioural Training, Leadership & Management
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Management
  • Influencing a sales or a buying process
  • Leadership & Integrity
  • Work/Life Balance = Life Balance
  • What’s in me for it vs What’s in it for me
  • Life Purpose & Core Values
  • Self Doubt/Self Worth
  • Retirement Plans & Hobbies
  • The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying (Bronnie Ware)
  • And so much more

Episode 028 Martin Capelle: Talks Intuition & Time Management with Abigail Barnes


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 – I can’t wait to hear what you take away from this episode, your ah has & questions.

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