Pasha Marlowe: Talks Neurodiversity & Time Management

What if the person you’re being isn’t the person you really are. It’s the mask you wear to survive in a neurotypical world?!

📣 This week I am joined by Pasha Marlowe, MFT, CEO of Neurobeloging to talk to us about the difference between neurodiversity, neurodivergence, neurodivergent, neurotypical and what organisations can do to create cultures of neuroinclusion. As well as sharing her thoughts on Time Management.

Pasha helps empower clients to see themselves and others differently, and is on a mission to destigmatize neurodivergence, mental health, and disability.

This Episode is for you if:

→ The way you want to work isn’t the same as your colleagues

→ You feel like there’s a rulebook for life, that everyone else has but you don’t

→ You want to understand more about neurodiversity and the role it plays in your organisation, business, and life

“We feel like aliens, we feel like we’ve been dropped onto this planet, we didn’t get the rule book, we’re not exactly sure how to act or feel or dress or move, so we’re gonna look around and see how everyone else is doing it, and we’re gonna feel like everyone else figured it out better than we did. That’s a very common experience for a neurodivergent person.” Pasha Marlowe

In this episode we also covered:

  • What is neurodivergent?
  • Choosing your identity
  • Neurotypes
  • Managing your traits
  • Systems/access/support needs
  • Masking to fit in at home/relationships
  • Masking to lead at work
  • Leading with vulnerability
  • Neuroinclusion
  • Workspace accommodations
  • How to accommodate for a workforce
  • Linear and non-linear thinking
  • Lateral and critical thinking
  • Divergent and neurodivergent thinking
  • Personality testing
  • Creating cultures of neuroinclusion
  • Rewriting the rulebook for life
  • How many spoons do you have left today?
  • And so much more

030 Pasha Marlowe: Talks Neurodiversity & Time Management with Abigail Barnes


– I can’t wait to hear what you take away from this episode, your ah has & questions.

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