What advice would you give your younger self?

On 21 May we will be hosting our second  Redefining Success Event of 2019 | London and we want to tell you a bit more about our 3 awesome speakers Michael Kurn, Lucy Chamberlain and Angela Cox and share with you 10 lessons that they have learned in the past 10 years, and the advice they would give their younger selves.

We were blown away by the courage and honesty in what they shared, and can’t wait to ask them more questions at the event on 21 May.

Michael Kurn

Michael is a TV Presenter and broadcaster who went from wanting to play Premier League Football to being part of the team presenting it across the globe.

The founder of DDV, he is also an inspirational speaker who believes everyone has a skill and has the ability to follow their dreams. Michael’s first book Desire Dream Vision comes out on 26 March 2019.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

1 – TIME, if only I knew 10 years ago the value of time and how powerful it is. I always feared it was running away if only I understood then that the future was going to come regardless. Utilise the 24 hours in the day we are blessed with.

2 – FAILURE, embrace it don’t fear it. It’s how we learn. harness it to make you stronger.

3 – PEOPLE, they will come in and out of your life, the ones meant to be in it will stick around. Sadly no one lives forever and you will lose friends and loved ones along the way so treasure every moment with them.

4 – LISTEN, we have two ears and one mouth, some of my biggest achievements have come from listening.

5 – LEARN, you never stop learning so spend at least 30 minutes a day educating yourself.

6 – CHALLENGE, over the last 10 years its become too easy to surround yourself with views and ideas you agree with and you become unconsciously ignorant to other opinions and views. I love challenging my ideas and views on everything. So like things on social media you wouldn’t normally and open yourself to the world. Speak to people sat on the other side of the fence.

8 – RESPECT, this gets you so far in life even if you don’t agree with someone or something respect them/it.

9 – MONEY, building something special takes more than money. It takes love, commitment, and hard work. Sometimes you need to do things for no money. So don’t lose an opportunity because it isn’t paid.

10 – LIVE, life is to short so wake up every day and enjoy every moment, one of my favourite quotes is “Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take … It’s about the moments that take your breath away!” So go find those moments.

Find out more at: www.desiredreamvision.com

Interview with Michael & Abigail

Lucy Chamberlain

Coming through a challenging personal time – three years as a single mum, single-handedly responsible for her daughter – Lucy found her career was out of sync. In C&C, she’s built a successful multi Award Winning business aligned with her high standards, ethics, and goals, and created an inspiring workplace for her team to fulfill their own career goals.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

Lucy Chamberlain_10 Year Lookback

  1. The only way forward is through, no matter what
  2. You need people in your life who are the mirror of your best self
  3. Find a partner that lights you up and makes you feel safe at the same time
  4. Know that security is sometimes the enemy – the good stuff happens when you take leaps into the unknown
  5. You are perfectly imperfect and that is ok!
  6. Happiness is a choice
  7. Drama free life is a great thing!
  8. What went before and what is to come are nothing compared to what we have within us
  9. Blaming serves no one, take personal responsibility for every area of your life
  10. What you want and need in life deserves hard work and time

Find out more at: www.candcsearch.co.uk

Interview with Abigail & Lucy

Angela Cox

Angela Cox is human dynamite, using the recovery from her own childhood trauma and corporate career experience as well as coaching, NLP and Nutrition & Weight management qualifications to help you live your best life, just as she is now living hers.

She is also the author of Amazon Bestseller Enough and an inspirational speaker.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

Angela Cox_10 Year Lookback

  1. Your past helps you grow into your future, it doesn’t define it.
  2. There is a lesson in every difficult situation if you are willing to look, learn and adjust.
  3. We are what we think so it’s wise to tune into our thoughts and focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want.
  4. When a person is unkind, it’s always about them but if what is being said stings, ask yourself why and take action to fix it.
  5. Rejection is tough but it leads to resilience and resilience is like gold dust.
  6. Empathy is a badass superpower, it’s not necessary to grow a thick skin, just use the skin you’re in, to full effect!
  7. Vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to celebrate.
  8. Doing the things we fear the most is never as bad it initially seems.
  9. Feeling your feelings is the key to unlocking your soul, escaping addiction and showing up as your best self.
  10. Happiness is not found in a store, a binge or a bottle. It’s inside us. We choose it.

You can find out more about Angela here: www.angela-cox.co.uk



We can’t wait to interview them on 21 MayRedefining Success Q2 and ask them more about what success means to them and how they have redefined it to create the lifestyles they have today.

Our goal with this Company & Events is to give you proof of what’s possible, because if someone else can do it…then you can too!

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