Stop Selling, start building relationships!

Marketing is not rocket science so why do so many business owners get it wrong?

The golden rules are simple:

People buy people they know, like and trust.

  • Your business needs a voice, but before that your business needs a message…what do you stand for, why should I spend time thinking about buying from you?
  • Yes your business needs a product or service that works, that goes without saying. But DO NOT sell it to me. Instead tell me why I should care about what you have to say, what makes you so different from your competitors
  • Tell me why you care about me. Talk to me about the benefits of your product or service, don’t bore me with the features.
  • You will need to tell me a few times before I decide to buy from you, I might buy from you the first time that we meet, but it could take more than 7 encounters on 4 or more different platforms.
  • For me to like you I will need to see you online, in person, in print, in blogs, in forums, on social media…and you will need to ADD VALUE to my life, make me feel good, so that I associate feeling good with you, DON’T SELL TO ME.
  • If you keep doing this on a consistent basis, then you will become a person that people want to buy from. A person that I want to buy from.

Spend time building relationships – Ask yourself why you buy Apple products, they don’t sell you a phone or a computer. When you buy from Apple you are buying a lifestyle.

If you haven’t watched the seminal TED talk from Simon Sinek on Start with your Why then make sure you do – this presentation covers off all of the basics for any business owner new to Sales & Marketing.