Success by Design 2024: New Year MORE You

✨ New Year MORE You

Have you ever stopped to question where the obsession with setting New Year resolutions actually comes from?

The ancient Babylonians are thought to have been the first people to make them, over 4,000 years ago. In March, not January.

It appears to have been the Romans in 153 BC who moved the celebrations to January to honour their god Janus, who the month of January is named after.

Resolutions as we know them

Resolutions as we know them are thought to have become ‘a thing’ in the 19th century when the first recorded use of the phrase “new year resolution” appeared in a Boston newspaper in 1813.

What I am doing instead

→ Focusing on goals I want to achieve in 24, things like:

  • Identifying the Organisations I want to work with
  • The teams I want to train
  • The audience I want to speak to
  • The countries I want to visit for work & leisure
  • The people & things I want to invest my time in
  • The partnerships I want to develop
  • The laughs I want to have & the things I want to learn more about

→ Defining what Success looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like & sounds like, I’ll do this by experimenting more – so I get to data to make decisions from!

Focusing on what I want to amplify, the more I learn about Human Design the more I realise how unique we all are and how the game is to become MORE you!

Success by Design 2024: New Year MORE You

This 3 month online group program New Year MORE You is our chance to work together in 2024.

During our time together I’ll teach you how to focus on 2 Goals you want to achieve each month using the RESET Method.

I’ll give you the support, training, workbook, online community & accountability you need to make 2024 your BEST year ever!


✅ x3 Online Monthly Training Sessions 30-60 mins (recorded)

✅ On Demand Training Library

✅ Online Accountability Community

✅ 26 Page pdf Workbook

✅ 1 Page pdf Progress Tracker

✅ Email Q&A Support


Life Audit Masterclass & Goal Setting Masterclass 30-60 mins (on demand)


*Flash Sale: Usually £249

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