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This week in The Productive Wellbeing Club on Clubhouse we had Melanie Moore the UK’s leading Vision Board expert and award-winning coach. She inspires her clients to tap into their Big Vision and gives them the mindset tools to change the trajectory of their lives.

Below are her answers to the questions I asked her, and the questions from members of the club and audience and some of the tapping success stories they shared with us too. Scroll to questions 5 to find out if tapping can be used to help improve your Productivity?

1. What is tapping or EFT?

EFT (emotional freedom technique, also called tapping) is a cross between acupuncture and modern-day psychology but instead of needles we use our fingertips to tap on acupressure points which then release blocks in our nervous and Meridian system. It’s commonly used to help people release emotional trauma such a stress anxiety phobias, but it’s also great for releasing and letting go of limiting beliefs and that’s my favourite way to use it.

2. Is there any science behind it?

Yes there is lots of science to support it EFT has been proven to reduce levels of cortisol ( the stress hormone) in the body, when thinking in terms of neuroscience, and neural plasticity, EFT can help to rewire neural pathways, and this is done when our limiting beliefs are tapped on and released. This is most effective when done for anywhere between 60 to 90 days. it’s been proven to be highly effective in people with post-traumatic stress.

3. What can we use it for?

There are so many reported benefits of EFT not just from my own clients but from large companies like easyJet who include a whole day of tapping as part of their two-day fear of flying program, tapping is the tool that’s used to help release any phobia of flying, so that’s just one example of a large company that’s embraced EFT with remarkable results for its customers. It’s also effective for addictions and safe to use even with children.

4. What results can we expect and how quickly?

EFT can be used in several ways. It can be used as a quick motivational tool, it can also be used to heal much deeper rooted traumas and other emotional issues that perhaps go back to childhood. It’s also great for the release of limiting beliefs and to develop new positive habits, when using it on a limiting belief it’s best used daily for 60 to 90 days but it’s also a great way to start the day. My favourite way to use it is to release the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of manifesting our goals, dreams and vision.

5. Can we use it to improve our productivity? How?

Yes EFT can definitely be used to help us become more productive. We can use it to create a new reality of the relationship we have with time, for example, we can tap in the new affirmation “I have all the time I need to do all the things I want to” and we can also use it to release beliefs we may have about ourselves such as, “I’m a procrastinator” or “I never have enough time”. The key is to identify the beliefs we have about our productivity and to affirm the new belief that we want to have instead and we can tap those statements in.

6. Can we use it to become more abundant? Does it really work?

Yes absolutely, EFT works. I’ve got testimonials from hundreds of clients but I get so heartened by the comments I see from strangers on my YouTube channel how a quick 10 minute round of tapping has bought them instant relief so yes 100% it really does work.

Tapping into abundance is my favourite way to use EFT. When we can recognise the limiting beliefs we have around money: around being worthy and deserving of receiving it, the beliefs about how hard we have to work for our money and recognise that our relationship with money has its roots in our belief system. Beliefs may have come from our parents, from our childhood, from society and from our culture, when we bring awareness to these beliefs we can deliberately choose new empowering beliefs instead. Remember, it only takes 60 to 90 days to form a new belief and when we can commit to daily tapping for the new money story we can create financial miracles in our lives.

Questions & Success Stories from the audience 

Q. “What is the connection between the tapping and the results we actually get?”

A. The inspired action you get as a result of being open to things being different.

Louise Goss

Q. “What is your favourite tapping video you’ve ever created?”

A. Tapping for £50k months is my favourite because of the possibility.

Inga Deksne

Q. “When is the best time of the day to practice EFT?”

A. You can tap at whatever time of the day works for you, and will likely be dependent on the thing you are tapping on.

Julia Caradec

Q. “Can I tap to remain youthful and healthy?”

A. Yes, I have a video about it on my YouTube Channel

Janice Tam

“I manifested a £10 million deal during Melanie’s Prosperity Party last year.” Dickie Armour

“I’ve used tapping to give up my addiction to chocolate biscuits.” Gary Kousoulou


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