Time Management Lessons from Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral & Life

It’s not every day a monarch reigns for over 70 years and when they die has a funeral that is watched by more than 4 billion people around the world, here are 3 Time Management Lessons we can learn from Queen Elizabeth II’s Life & her Funeral.

1. Military Precision

On the day everyone had a role and a time slot to perform that role.

Each role was dependent upon another and at the time it was being carried out it was mission critical to the end result (in this case a Funeral fit for a monarch who made service of others her life purpose).

Q. What impact is how you approach your time management having on those around you?

Q. Are you late for meetings or family or friends. Do you do what you say you will do when you say you’ll do it?

Q. How is it affecting your mental health and wellbeing? Are you spread overwhelmed or organised?

2. Work Life Balance

The late Queen was a working parent (albeit with help), she dealt with the same time guilt and prioritisation issues faced by those with children or dependents.

From the many programs about her life it’s clear that where ever she was she was fully present (obviously we can’t read her mind) however people who met her always recount ‘how heard’ they felt by her and that’s not possible if your mind is somewhere else.

Q. What is your current approach to work and life? Is it balanced (whatever that means to you) or is it burning out?

Q. Are you exercising boundaries with your time and accessibility or are you available and resentment central?

Q. How is it affecting your mental health and wellbeing? Are you balanced or at breaking point?

3. Time Regrets 

When you get to the end of your life, and you look back will you be happy with how you spent your time?

The ability to do what we want when we want is a privilege…and some say it’s the ultimate freedom.

What are you spending your time doing? Living, waiting or chasing?

The late Queen was an incredible example of someone who used her life and her time to live her legacy and now it lives beyond her.

Despite what social media might have you believe, what you do with your time while you are still alive matters more than what you have at the end, that’s something I know from personal experience too!

You can’t take anything with you.

Money is the fuel that keeps your vehicle moving through life, but once that vehicle breaks down (when you reach your final destination, death) its unnecessary.

Q. What is your current approach to the time you have each day? Are you using it or wasting it?

Q. Are you waiting for your circumstances to change or are you making the best and living anyway?

Q. How is it affecting your mental health and wellbeing? Are you stuck in the sinking sand or ready to ask others for help to get out?

The clock is ticking for us all. Queen Elizabeth II’s life and incredible legacy can be your inspiration to try something new, to turn the page of your book of life and start writing the next chapter.

Or it can just be more information you’ll accumulate, recount and do nothing with.

It’s Your Choice ⏰ It’s Your Time



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