Get brutal about your busyness!

EVERYONE gets the same 24 hours, but not everyone is spending theirs in the same way.

Some people are investing their time in activities that make them happy, with people that inspire and empower them.

Making their health a priority, and saying NO more than they say yes!

Maybe it’s time to fire some friends, ditch some distractions, get brutal about your ‘busyness’!

Here’s the reality – YOU can do whatever you want…BUT what you do will create results.

– If you like the results awesome keep on doing what you’re doing!!

– If you don’t like the results, then maybe it’s time to make some changes…

Practice what you preach

When I look at my life today compared to 10 years ago the FUNDAMENTAL difference is I do way fewer things I don’t enjoy, I don’t spend time with people that don’t inspire me, I don’t say yes to everything because I don’t want to upset people.

I prioritise myself before others, I put my own oxygen mask on first!

I’ve finally accepted I can’t help anyone else if I am tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, resentful, rushing around, anxious, spinning 100 plates…people pleasing at the expense of my own happiness.

How did things change?

I started by getting CURIOUS, by auditing my time. I became a TIME DETECTIVE!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” Peter Drucker

I audited WHO I was spending time with and WHAT I was spending my time doing and then asked myself whether I felt invigorated or drained after spending time with certain people and doing certain things.

That allowed me to identify what needed to change.

Try it for yourself

We have created a 30 Day Happiness Audit Journal that you can use to find out where your time is going, and track how you are feeling about who you are spending it with.

Click here to download our 30 Day Happiness Audit Journal and find out where your time is going.


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