Why Redefine Success


Redefining Success: implies that how you’re currently defining it is wrong.

Don’t read on if you are happy with the life you have, the results you are getting the amount you are working and the way things are unfolding.

Read on if you know you should be grateful for the life you have, but you are unhappy with the results you are getting are from hard work you doing how things are unfolding and the time it is taking.

Success is subjective and evolving, although some people would have you believe it’s generic and available to buy.

For that reason alone it’s a complex subject because everyone has a different point of view.

Imagine for a minute:

On Monday (let’s call him) Bob feels successful because he made it into work on time.  The next day making it into work on time did not make him feel successful, but bringing in a homemade lunch did, and the next day getting the girl he fancies in the local coffee shop to agree to a date on Saturday made him feel successful.

On Monday (let’s call her) Kate feels successful because her new website went live, the next day she feels successful because her stats show people are visiting the new website, and the next day she feels successful because she made a sale on her new website.

Two different people, 6 different measurements of success.

And if we carried both stories on throughout the year then it’s likely we would have 365 different measurements of success (minus 6 for each) and some may even be the same.

However, in both cases, all of these measurements were for external activities.

If Bob was late for work, and if Kate didn’t manage to launch her website would they both have felt unsuccessful?

Here in lies the flaw of Success measurement.

External actions create feelings with external rewards.

Bob’s boss was happy, Kate’s audience viewed her content.

In order to create more success, they must do more, which creates the trap most people find themselves in.

The never enough trap…

Whenever we interview people at our live events Redefining Success or in person they tell us that this is how they used to live their lives until they had their wake up call, and now they have redefined success and it means something totally different to them.

It turns out that success hides in the day-to-day, in the journey, in the working towards with excitement not constant awareness of the absence.

When you achieve success it feels normal, it feels right, like it was meant to be.

Success is not a goal it’s a way of being.

The people we interview define success as being Financial Freedom, Mental Freedom (peace) and Time Freedom.

It’s a way of being, not a list of doing.


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