3 marketing beliefs stopping your business from growing

Here are 3 marketing beliefs that are stopping your business from growing, forcing you to work harder than you need too and will ultimately lead to burnout, bankruptcy or both (there are more but these are the most common in the business owners we meet/work with).

1. Hope Marketing – The belief that if you TRY enough things then something will work.

I want to let you in on a secret when it comes to marketing.

Everything works, eventually, but some strategies work sooner than later.

2. Copy Cat Marketing – The belief that if you do what others did/do then it will work for you too.

The reality is strategies change, technology evolves, audiences evolve and preferences differ by sector. What worked in the past won’t always work in the future and even if it still does it might not resonate with your audience/sector.

3. Platform ProcrastinationThe belief that you need to promote yourself/business on every social platform out there as well as the new ones.

There are two problems with this belief, the first is perfection paralysis, most people don’t feel ready to share their content, the second is once they feel ready they have to learn how to use a new platform which then re-triggers the perfection story because the learning curve is so steep.

Fears are not something you can force yourself to ignore, you have to fail forward, do the work, practice in public.

How do I know all of this?

As a Marketing Expert (Abigail Barnes) with over 15 years of professional and business experience, I’ve tried everything.

Despite knowing what I know I understand first hand how noisy and enticing the playing field can be.

As an optimist and an entrepreneur, I have always wanted to believe that the next hack will be the holy grail.

The reality is that like working out success lies in the foundations, in the sets and the reps.

Are you ready for things to be different in 2020?

We work with fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups that want to nail their value proposition (VP), become know as the go-to business in their sector and have marketing comms that convert into sales.

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What you’ll learn how to:

– Understand the Foundations of Marketing (what it is/isn’t)

– Articulate who you are (marketing strategy/vision/mission)

Create your Value Proposition (what problem do you solve/for who)

Create your Business Case (what qualifies you/why do I need this now)


– What marketing approach you need (marketing that matters plan)

Where you should be marketing (platform)

How you could be communicating your business (content/platform-specific)

When you should be speaking to your audience (frequency)


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