5 Inspiring Women in Business share their lessons

10 year challenge_ 5 inspiring women in business share all

These Women in Business get reflective, real & vulnerable

This week in response to the 10-year challenge our founder Abigail Barnes got vulnerable and shared 10 things that the last 10-years have taught her in the hope that it would help someone else, click here to read.

We then asked 5 of the MOST inspiring women in business we know (in our network) to do the same, and we were BLOWN away by their courage and inspiration, we hope you enjoy what they have shared much as we do.

In the past 10 years, these women have lost weight, and loved ones, cried in the office toilets, missed their children’s birthday parties and demonstrated for peace.

10 years on they are all run their own businesses, love their lives, live their dreams and use their experience to inspire others to do so too. If it’s possible for them, then it’s possible for you!

Angela Cox

Angela Cox is human dynamite, using the recovery from her own childhood trauma and corporate career experience as well as coaching, NLP and Nutrition & Weight management qualifications to help you live your best life, just as she is now living hers.

She is also the author of Amazon Bestseller Enough and an inspirational speaker.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

10 year challenge_women in business_Angela Cox

  1. Your past helps you grow into your future, it doesn’t define it.
  2. There is a lesson in every difficult situation if you are willing to look, learn and adjust.
  3. We are what we think so it’s wise to tune into our thoughts and focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want.
  4. When a person is unkind, it’s always about them but if what is being said stings, ask yourself why and take action to fix it.
  5. Rejection is tough but it leads to resilience and resilience is like gold dust.
  6. Empathy is a badass superpower, it’s not necessary to grow a thick skin, just use the skin you’re in, to full effect!
  7. Vulnerability is not something to be ashamed of, it’s something to celebrate.
  8. Doing the things we fear the most is never as bad it initially seems.
  9. Feeling your feelings is the key to unlocking your soul, escaping addiction and showing up as your best self.
  10. Happiness is not found in a store, a binge or a bottle. It’s inside us. We choose it.

You can find out more about Angela here: www.angela-cox.co.uk

Ruth Kudzi

Ruth is the author of Amazon Bestseller Is This It, a speaker, teacher, and coach who is passionate about empowering women to start their own businesses and develop their confidence.  

She has a PGCERT in Coaching, MA in Psychology & BA in Management & Psychology, as well as numerous additional coaching qualifications and is a member of the ICF.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

10 year challenge_women in business_Ruth Kudzi

  1. You will find what you love doing.
  2. There are so many people that support you, some of them you already know and you will meet even more in the future.
  3. Success means different things to different people, you will work out what it means to you.
  4. There will be many challenges over the next 10 years but you will face them all with courage.
  5. You are much stronger than you think.
  6. Make the most of every opportunity.
  7. Happiness comes from the inside.
  8. It doesn’t matter how hard you fall you will always get up again.
  9. You can handle everything that is thrown at you.
  10. Life is what you make it.

You can find out more about Ruth here: www.ruthkudzicoaching.com

Siobhan Kangataran

Siobhán is on a mission to help women go from feeling unhappy and disconnected in their career to excited and energised in their lives.

She is the author of Finding my Way, a qualified coach, Founder of ToGetHer Further, and runs a thriving online community of over 1,400 women, organising regular events & workshops in London.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

10 year challenge_women in business_Siobhan Kangataran

  1. You cannot make everyone like you, so stop wasting time trying. It’s more important that YOU like YOU, focus on that and forget the rest.
  2. Stop questioning the people who DO like you! Stop wondering what they see in you, and walking around terrified that you’re going to be “found out”. Focus on the gifts you bring to the world and be proud of them.
  3. You are exactly where you are meant to be – you cannot rush things, no matter how much you want to – you’re learning and growing and evolving every day, so relax and trust where you are, and appreciate the lessons you’re being given.
  4. You are enough. Even if you’ve gained a little weight, or need to get new clothes, or haven’t yet got the job/partner/life that you want – you’re already enough, exactly as you are!
  5. Listen to yourself- listen to that wise inner voice inside you that leads you to beautiful places.
  6. Make time to meditate every single day, because that turns up the volume on your wise inner voice, and quietens that negative inner critic that tries to keep us small.
  7. Breathe…. just keep breathing…. every time you get hit with a tidal wave of anxiety and fear, don’t worry, just breathe. It’s a magical tool that you always have wherever you are.
  8. You cannot change other people, so don’t waste any time trying. If something isn’t working then start with you – what can you do differently? How can you change how you show up with them? Focus on your own sh*t and let others take care of theirs.
  9. Fill your goddamn cup till it’s overflowing – do what feels good for you, and put yourself first, even though it feels selfish, even though you’re afraid of being judged or disliked – do it so you can be your best you, and so you can really show up as your best self for other people.
  10. Say NO to what doesn’t serve you so you can make space to say YES to what does – clear boundaries are not only healthy but necessary – you need to know what’s ok and what’s not ok for you and start expressing it, so you learn what you really want and need in your life, and make space for it to appear.

You can find out more about Siobhan here: www.togetherfurther.org

Annik Petrou

Annik has over 30 years experience in being scared of speaking, declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of looking silly in front of peers and other nerve related issues. She is the Founder of Speaker Express where they have helped 1000s of people use public speaking to accelerate their business or career.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

10 year challenge_women in business_Annik Petrou

  1. Start before you THINK you are READY.
  2. It doesn’t matter WHO you are, but how you treat OTHERS.
  3. Playing small means you are comfortable, but not memorable.
  4. Spend more time with REAL people than Social Media profiles.
  5. Vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage.
  6. Never apologise for saying what you feel, it’s like saying sorry for being REAL!
  7. The 3 MOST dangerous words are: ‘I know that’!
  8. Is anyone actually reading this?
  9. Green tea over coffee. Broccoli over cigarettes.
  10. No matter how slow you think you progress, you are still overtaking everybody on the couch 😉

You can find out more about Annik here: www.speakerexpress.co.uk

Rebekah Roy

Rebekah Roy is one of London’s top fashion stylists and creative consultants. She is a unique stylist due to her ability to communicate ideas, to collaborate with different levels of the industry and a range of practitioners and to incorporate a cultural understanding of fashion into her work.

10 things the last 10 years have taught me:

10 year challenge_women in business_Rebekah Roy

  1. Fail big! My biggest strength is that I’m willing to fail, and then to try and try again!
  2. Life is short – it’s shorter then I thought so celebrate. We accomplish so much in our lives but we’re always looking to the next thing. Stop MORE and celebrate OFTEN!
  3. Be grateful.
  4. You can’t make somebody else happy or change them. They have to do it themselves.
  5. You can change. You can change your perspective, you have more control over your life then you think.
  6. Be kind every day. Say hello to someone you don’t know, give a compliment. You don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life. A few kind words make a difference.
  7. You gain confidence from doing things, so do things. Take action.
  8. Find your routine, as a freelancer, it’s not easy, so I got a dog and that gave me a routine.
  9. You are stronger then you think and you don’t need a tragedy or crisis to find out how strong you are.
  10. Often you think no one feels the same ways as you do, but really lots of people do. You’re not alone.

You can find out more about Rebekah here: www.rebekahroy.co.uk

Who’s lessons did you resonate with the most?

We hope you loved this post as much as we did, we’d love to know which of our women in business you most resonated with.


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