3 Steps to get more time

Get more time

How can you get more time?

Let’s start with the good news, everyone has the same 1,440 minutes every day.

Which means that you DO have enough time to do what you want.

Even though your schedule may not seem like it right now!

What’s going wrong?

There are activities on your schedule that are “stealing your time!”

Once you identify what they are then you can change things to get more time.

Step 1:

Your job is to become the detective in your own life and sniff out the activities that are stealing all your time.

Start to question EVERY single thing you are doing, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to be doing this?
  • Could someone else do it?
  • If no one else can do it for me, will the world end if I don’t do it (today/this week/this month)

Step 2:

Once you have identified the activities that are stealing your time now it’s time to take action.

STOP doing the activities you don’t need to do today/this week/this month…

– It’s going to feel odd, and you will encounter some resistance from yourself and from the people whose lives it will impact…but there is NO other way to get your time back! No pain, no gain!

Think of it like ripping off a plaster, it is more painful to do it slowly!

Step 3:

Assess the results, how do you feel now have been able to get more time to do what you want with the people you want to do it with?

How do they feel having gone through the ‘odd feeling’ change phase?

For more information about how to get more time checkout Time Mangement for Entrepreneurs by Abigail Barnes


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