7 things you can learn from the Burj Khalifa

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In this post, our founder Abigail Barnes will share 7 things she learned from the Burj Khalifa while on a trip to Dubai.

Perspective is everything in business/work/life, and if yours is not as good as it could be then you need a ‘hard reset’.  You do it for your computer, laptop, phone, every now and again when you turn it off and on again, so why not try it for your life!

I’ve just got back to London from 7 days in Dubai, UAE where I went for my hard reset. I spent my time tanning, planning, walking on the beach, meeting with friends and researching where to hold the 2019 SBD November Retreat.

My perspective and energy levels have never been higher!

Everywhere I went the Burj Khalifa was visible and it got me thinking, below are 7 things we can learn from this incredible neo-futurist building designed by Adrian Smith and owned by Emaar Properties.

  1. Audacious dreams are possible (building the tallest building in the world in the desert)
  2. One person’s vision can positively impact millions (jobs, tourism, accommodation)
  3. Dreams take time to become reality (6 years to build & open)
  4. Plans change adaptability is essential for success (Investment from Abu Dhabi was needed to finish the building)
  5. Dreams need investment ($1.5bn)
  6. If you book your ticket in advance you can save 3/4 on your ticket price.
  7. While the view is always there some days it will be obscured by the weather

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