Time Audit Conversations with Readers: Caroline Milne

Q. Do you really know where your time is going? 

📣 In this episode of The Time Management Podcast I meet Caroline Milne an ex Architect turned Woman’s Health Coach, who read my book Time Management for Entrepreneurs & Professionals and wanted to share what she discovered from completing a 7 day Time Audit.

This Episode is for you if:

→ You’re constantly running out of time

→ You’re juggling deadlines, responsibilities & a never ending to do list

→ You’re ready for this to be different and are open to trying something new

What shocked you the most about the results of your 7-day Time Audit?

“I thought I had a really good handle on my time. I found I wasn’t being honest with where my time and energy was going”

What has it meant for your business/life/relationships?

“It helped me design a more strategic schedule and gave me white space I could dedicate to wellbeing activities. I also streamlined my social media apps and devices, putting in place a plan for my Business and implemented a morning monk mode protocol.”

Who would benefit from doing a Time Audit?

“Anyone. Thank you for writing this book.”

In this episode we also covered:

  • Becoming a confident Time Manager
  • Q. What could I do with an extra hour a day?
  • Designing an optimised Schedule
  • Creating white space
  • Data Drives Decisions
  • Why the book is 88 pages long
  • Action Planning
  • Morning Silence & Movement Routine
  • Boundaries: Guarding my time
  • Anyone would benefit from doing a Time Audit
  • Honesty & Owning your time
  • Nutrition & Values
  • Finding time to exercise
  • Habit stacking, making choices
  • And so much more

031 Time Audit Conversations with Readers: Caroline Milne & Abigail Barnes

– I can’t wait to hear what you take away from this episode.

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