What does Success mean to you?

Here at Success by Design, through our training & events, we are on a mission to help people redefine success and their relationship with time. The people we interview tells us not about a car/watch/house/handbag/holiday/promotion/pay rise, success means something else to them now…one or all of the following 3 things: > Financial Freedom Enough money…

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Why Redefine Success


Redefining Success: implies that how you’re currently defining it is wrong. Don’t read on if you are happy with the life you have, the results you are getting the amount you are working and the way things are unfolding. Read on if you know you should be grateful for the life you have, but you…

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What advice would you give your younger self?

On 21 May we will be hosting our second  Redefining Success Event of 2019 | London and we want to tell you a bit more about our 3 awesome speakers Michael Kurn, Lucy Chamberlain and Angela Cox and share with you 10 lessons that they have learned in the past 10 years, and the advice…

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7 things you can learn from the Burj Khalifa

What you can learn from the Burj Khalifa.jpg

In this post, our founder Abigail Barnes will share 7 things she learned from the Burj Khalifa while on a trip to Dubai. Perspective is everything in business/work/life, and if yours is not as good as it could be then you need a ‘hard reset’.  You do it for your computer, laptop, phone, every now and again…

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Get out of a funk

Get out of a Funk_Dubai_Jan 2019

How do you get out of a funk? Recently our Founder Abigail Barnes has been feeling uninspired and in a bit of a funk, in this post, she is going to share how she used a strategy we teach at Success by Design Training to turn things around! Don’t get me wrong, life is good, there…

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5 Inspiring Women in Business share their lessons

10 year challenge_ 5 inspiring women in business share all

These Women in Business get reflective, real & vulnerable This week in response to the 10-year challenge our founder Abigail Barnes got vulnerable and shared 10 things that the last 10-years have taught her in the hope that it would help someone else, click here to read. We then asked 5 of the MOST inspiring women…

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Using the 10-year challenge as motivation

How to use the 10-year challenge as motivation. The 10-year challenge is taking the social media world by storm (#10yearchallenge), everyone from J.Lo and Mariah Carey to Reece Witherspoon and Janet Jackson are sharing their pictures. They say a picture paints a thousand words but does it really? When I looked back at my own…

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Success by Design Book Club

Success by design book club

Book Recommendations There is no doubt about it, books change lives and readers are the leaders in life! Halfway through last year, I started the Success by Design Book Club in my free online Facebook Community. We meet up each month in person and online to discuss our thoughts/breakthroughs from each of the 5 books…

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5 Ways to avoid decision making fatigue

decision making fatigue

Is decision making fatigue giving you anxiety? What was the last decision you made? How long did it take you to make that decision? Perhaps it was what to wear, what to eat, whether to ask someone out on a date, whether to start working with someone or to stop working with someone. Studies show we…

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How to reprogram your mind for success

reprogram your mind

Once you learn how to reprogram your mind for success everything will change. From the previous sentence, it sounds like you have been programmed to fail. You have! We all have!! But not quite in the way it sounds, you see over the years people taught you lessons. Your caregivers (parents) their friends, your teachers,…

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