3 Tips to Get more Productive Today!

get more productive today

These tips will help you get more productive today. They are focused on helping you create a productive work environment as well as maximising your network for success. Tip 1. Clean your workspace An untidy desk, won’t help you get more productive. Piles of paperwork, post-it notes, other people’s old business cards, food, empty teacups etc…Spend 15 minutes tidying…

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Do you have the right foundations?


In the building world, a foundation is known as the element of an architectural structure that connects it to the ground and transfers the weight of the structure to the ground. The type of foundation you have will dictate the kind of structure you can build. Your foundations can be shallow or deep. Teams of architects,…

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4 Questions to help you create a balanced life…

Beach Yoga_Balanced Life

You start each day like a brand new battery, full of energy and potential, as the day rolls on activities drain your power, some more than others. Before you know it you’ve reached the end of the day empty and ready for a recharge (sleep) but maybe tonight you don’t get as much sleep as…

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Time to smell the roses


Where does work end and life begin? Or more to the point what life? In a world where content is king, attention is queen, and you can sleep when you’re dead do you ever have to time to stop and smell the roses? Are you crazy busy keeping all of the plates spinning, and balance…

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25 Ways to grow your business & turnover in 2018

There is no doubt about it starting, scaling & growing your own business is hard work. It takes huge amounts of time and effort, in the beginning, it means you wearing hundreds of different hats, and juggling multiple roles. Dealing with everything from sales & marketing to operations, accounting and customer service. Over the long term,…

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How to become the most productive person you know!

How to become the most productive person you know

Your ability to prioritise your to-do list, and to determine the activities that create the greatest returns is your key to higher levels of accomplishment and increased productivity. You will be recognised for being more efficient, rewarded for what you deliver and trusted as a reliable producer. When you develop the habit of concentrating on…

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7 Top Time Management Tips

Pomodoro Technique, Time Management top tips

1. Manage your time, or it will be managed for you 2. Make/review your to-do list the night before 3. Group tasks by activity 4. Block work, try the Pomodoro Technique/90 min chunks 5. Don’t compare or measure against others, you don’t know their ‘real’ story, resources, or truth! 6. Watch what you say, to…

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7 Reasons to get accountable

Accountability Workshop

1. Your beliefs rule your life, they create your comfort zone and convince you that what you’re currently achieving is the best that you can do. 2. You’re lying to yourself, you can achieve 100 times more. 3. When you can identify your limiting beliefs for what they are, and change them, then your potential…

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Time Management Mindset

People have been trying to ‘mange time’ long before they started teaching you how to eat your frogs before breakfast, the irony is the assumption that something external can be managed. The The only thing you can manage is yourself, how you respond to the fact that you can’t pause time (well not yet anyway). Successful Time…

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7 Steps to maximise your productivity

Start each day with a plan, include numerical targets as well as the activities you need to complete to move you closer to your goals Start small and then work up. Little wins lead to bigger wins, don’t overload your to-do list Work out what your most productive times of the day are and block…

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